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I'm laughing at clouds (and Wrexham)

4 October 2021

Miss Guest Diary writes: Compare and contrast the games at Bromley on Tuesday and against Dover at Blundell Park on Saturday: two rain-affected football matches within five days of each other which provided some very different experiences for me.

Standing on an open terrace located at the side of the pitch always provides a challenging viewing experience when you're under six feet tall. When you add into the mix a cloudburst, an opposition who kick your most dangerous player off the park and then taunt you after they've taken advantage of the weather conditions to score a deflected goal, it goes from challenging to downright miserable. The trudge back to the hotel in the rain after the defeat, followed by an attempt to dry off my clothes with a hairdryer put it right into the top five of least enjoyable Town games.

The rain was less heavy but more persistent on Saturday but I was warm and dry at the back of the Pontoon. Town's emphatic 6-0 win, with goals coming from four different players, and the curry I shared with friends afterwards made it an all-round great day. Seeing all the social media posts making fun of the Wrexham fans' outrage at having their game abandoned while they were winning 2-0 was just the cherry on top.

So far, so different. What was the same in both games was the commitment from the team to keep playing for the full 90 minutes, and from the fans to keep supporting. Admittedly some fans drifted off the Bromley terrace when their third goal went in, but many, many stayed till the bitter end, supporting and chanting with passion and humour. "We're fucking soaked, we're fucking soaked" was my favourite song of the night. I can see last Tuesday's game turning into one of those 'I was there' badges of honour, like the 8-1 defeat at Hartlepool or the FA Trophy final where the temperature never rose above freezing all day.

Afterwards Twitter, which would once have been a cesspit of negativity and recrimination, was full of supportive and encouraging messages. None more so than that from Chairman Wow, which he repeated in Saturday's programme, exhorting us to "pull up our collars, stand closer together and keep singing until the sun comes out again".

And come out again it did on Saturday, metaphorically at least.

Currently Town are top of the league, but I'm not getting carried away and neither is Paul Hurst: "We're only just into October, it's nice that we've made a good start, but I'm keen to try to keep improving, certainly keep our feet on the ground and not get too high, same as we didn't get too low after the other night. That's important, that level-headedness. The fans enjoy it more, it's more important for them at this moment in time, but for the players the message is to recover, and then start thinking about the Altrincham game."

Whoever makes the squad for tomorrow's game, I feel confident that, whatever the result, our players will have given 100 per cent effort. I've already started making my own preparations for Altrincham: with another open terrace and a forecast of rain I'm definitely taking an extra set of clothes this time.