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13 October 2021

"Mariners score 10 in Scunthorpe" is the unnecessary clickbait headline on the good news that last weekend Grimsby Town Women beat Appleby Frodingham Ladies 10-1. Yes, some people may have been tickled into reading something they would not have and were glad they had done so. Domestic Diary suspects slightly more will have been unnecessarily distracted from finding the information they wanted about how the women had got on over the weekend. It's not a big point, but unless next Saturday I read the story on the official site "Town hit for six nearish to Villa Park" it is a bit patronising.

To be fair, Grimsby Town Women's new signing, Eden Pedersen, was evidently asked the questions that would have been asked of a male signing: "How did you come to join Grimsby?" and "What kind of footballer are you?"

The youth team appear to have vanished altogether. From the Rochdale site, you can learn that the Town under-18s drew 0-0 there on Saturday, and by a bit of digging that the result means Grimsby finish below Dale in their Youth Alliance Cup group, and will go into a play-off. From the Chester site that tonight they are at the Deva Stadium for a place in the first round proper of the FA Youth Cup. It kicks off 7.30 if you are in the area: let us know how it went if you go. It might be our only chance to hear the score.

If you are coming here to be told about ticket arrangements for Bromsgrove and Wealdstone, then you are weird. The Grimsby Telegraph is still relaying bite-sized nuggets from Paul Hurst's last interview, thinly disguised as news. Every day I am grateful that the advert-free Cod Almighty is free from the need for such subterfuges.

You'll never believe what the cat did next!

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