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Let's hear it for the boys - part two

By Tony Butcher, 24 June 2022

And finally, Cyril, the last of our leavers receive the Butcher treatment. Jamie Mack gets a pat on the back and there's a Glasgow kiss for Da Rose

Knowing us, knowing Mike Shelton

By Michael Shelton, 21 June 2022

When he was a boy Durham Diary spent his time sitting in the ranks of the Pontoon Stand musing on the amusing witticisms of the old timers; then he left town, but not Town.

Let's hear it for the boys - part one

By Tony Butcher, 17 June 2022

After the euphoria comes the elegies and eulogies for those we are losing. Tony Butcher turns his purple gaze to the flotsam and jetsam of the unretained.

Knowing us, knowing Rich Lord

By Richard Lord, 7 June 2022

Hallelujah! You’ll really wanna know Rich after reading some sweet words from the man behind All That and a Bag of Chips

The price and the value of the play-off final

By James Howes, 2 June 2022

The play-off final will make great memories, writes James Howes, but we are being made to pay dearly for them

The late, late show

By Richard Lord, 24 May 2022

Town have scored 17 late goals this season. That's no coincidence writes Rich Lord, and it gives us an edge

Knowing us, knowing Mark Dillerstone

By Mark Dillerstone, 24 May 2022

He wears a baggy green, his demeanour's quite serene. Welcome to the world of BlackandWhiteBarmy.

Knowing us, knowing Bill Meek

By Cod Almighty, 10 May 2022

Why are you going to read this article? Because it's Retro Diary, the very top of the barrel of diarists. Some things are a given, and we give you the musings of the elder Meek.

Non-League Ex-Mariner Watch

By James Howes, 3 May 2022

James Howes' football stats job takes him the length and breadth of Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire watching non-League football every week

Knowing us, knowing Andy Holt

By Andy Holt, 26 April 2022

He lives in a land down under but you can still hear Cod Almighty's original stat-man thunder against jogging Danny B

Knowing us, knowing Jase Ives

By Jase Ives, 12 April 2022

Take a peek through clean windows into the world of occasional thunderer and regular correspondent, Jase Ives, and you too can see what he can see.

Knowing us, knowing Alistair Wilkinson

By Alistair Wilkinson, 27 March 2022

Poems! Poems, laddie! It's time for Al, the Bard of Blundell Park, telling tales of drunkenness and the cruelty of being a Town fan.

Around the grounds: Boreham Wood

By Mark Hodson, 23 March 2022

For all the pop-up sprinklers and the posh sporty seats, two invading trees show we're only a few steps from park football. Mark Hodson on Boreham Wood

Knowing us, knowing Pat Bell

By Pat Bell, 22 March 2022

Current editor-in-chief Pat Bell is our very own history man. Now read his story about how a Welsh man is umbilically connected to Town; it's literally in his DNA.

Ivano: the man and the myth

By Dan Humphrey, 17 March 2022

This week Ivano Bonetti returns to Blundell Park. Dan Humphrey reflects on his meteoric Grimsby Town career

Knowing us, knowing Richard Dawson

By Richard Dawson, 15 March 2022

You've bought the t-shirts from Richard. Now take a trip into the head of the original Guest Diary, Town's very own Wavy Gravy

"A football invasion": Town fans in 1920s Nottingham

By Pat Bell, 13 March 2022

Nottingham was a popular away day for Grimsby supporters but even in the 1930s it did not always pass without trouble. Pat Bell looks back

Knowing us, knowing Mark Stilton

By Mark Stilton, 8 March 2022

Scourge of the ball boys and John Fenty: next up it's the one and only, truly original Mark Stilton

Knowing us, knowing Pete Green

By Pete Green, 1 March 2022

Come celebrate 20 years of Cod Almighty with a delve into Pete's mind

Knowing us, knowing who - aha!

By Tony Butcher, 26 February 2022

We've come a long, long way together, through the hard times and the good. Come celebrate 20 years of Cod Almighty with a delve into the mind of fellow Mariners.

Distorted: the Times's portrait of Town fans

By Barry Whittleton, 21 February 2022

The Times's coverage of fans at Notts County was alarmist. Baz Whittleton argues the board should have checked the facts before responding

Towards an inclusive experience for disabled Town fans

By Dan Humphrey, 17 February 2022

Grimsby's provision for disabled supporters has relied too much on volunteers. Dan Humphrey argues we need to bring our thinking up to date

Winning promotion: stick or twist?

By Richard Hallam, 3 February 2022

What mix of old hands and new talent brings success? Richard Hallam takes a look at the make-up of Town's promotion-winning teams

The badge: iconic but hardly untampered with

By Kieran Reader, 12 January 2022

Perhaps our badge should be sacrosanct, says Kieran Reader, but the many ways it has been reproduced mean that it is not

The badge

By Paul Thundercliffe, 9 January 2022

Why tamper with a stone-cold classic of a badge, asks Paul Thundercliffe

Rough guide to... Halifax Town

By Tony Butcher, 9 January 2022

Romarkable! Mr Tony Butcher isn't mesmerised by woolly thinking way out West in the land of the Shaymen

A rough guide to... Dagenham & Redbridge

By Richard Hallam, 3 December 2021

It looks like a clash between a highly resistable force and a very movable object. Richard fills you in on the land of the Fords

The curious case of Jamille Matt

By Ron Counte, 30 November 2021

His winning goal against Notts County was a rare highlight in Matt's Town career, but he has flourished since. Ron Counte wonders why

A rough guide to... Boreham Wood

By Tom Sargent, 25 November 2021

Boreham Wood, from the town of Borehamwood, home of a fancy pitch and the Elstree Studios. Tom Sargent offers our latest rough guide

A rough guide to... Solihull Moors

By Tom Sargent, 23 November 2021

All eyes may be on Jamey Osborne against the Moors, Tom Sargent warns us to look out for the striker who never misses

News (that never happened) November 2021

By Peter Anderson, 22 November 2021

Having impressed at GTFC, Stockwood and Pettit have landed the top Christmas job in the latest News (that never happened)

A rough guide to... Southend United

By Tom Sargent, 18 November 2021

Crazy chairmen, trains out at sea and journeymen footballers. Tom Sargent gives the lowdown on Southend

A rough guide to...Aldershot Town

By Tony Butcher, 11 November 2021

Aldershot, it's a helluva town in a helluva mess again. Mr Tony Butcher sighs at the signs of rot in the home of army dreamers

Rough guide to...Kidderminster

By Tony Butcher, 2 November 2021

Read this and win a bag of sausages! Tony Butcher peruses Kidderminster's latest tasting menu

If I were King of Blundell Park

By Alistair Wilkinson, 28 October 2021

Dreams of a perfect club, a perfect match, and a perfect Grimbarian day. Al Wilkinson imagines...

Youth cup run terminates at Crewe

By Mike Worden, 27 October 2021

There was no disgrace to Grimsby under-18s in getting knocked out of the FA Youth Cup by an impressive Alex reports Mike Worden

A rough guide to... Wealdstone

By Sue Firth, 24 October 2021

A trip down memory lane leads Sue Firth to Tesco as she finds Wealdstone living the high life in Ruislip

News (that never happened) October 2021

By Various, 21 October 2021

Blundell Park bursting at the seams makes GTFC fans a target for Lincoln in this month's News (that never happened)

A rough guide to... Woking

By Tony Butcher, 7 October 2021

Aliens have landed in a town called Malice. Tony Butcher breezes into Woking

A rough guide to... Altrincham

By Pat Bell, 4 October 2021

They have historic reasons to despise the Mariners, but after rising again through the non-League pyramid, Altrincham are looking forwards, not back

A rough guide to... Dover Athletic

By Rich Mills, 30 September 2021

All is not well at the far end of the Garden of England. Rich Mills uncovers the bones on our weekend opponents Dover

A rough guide to... Bromley

By Barry Whittleton, 27 September 2021

They've a thing about ravens, were early punk adopters and their football club is on the up. Baz Whittleton fills you in on Bromley

A rough guide to... Maidenhead United

By Tom Sargent, 21 September 2021

They may never have been among the greats of the sport, but Maidenhead United, formed in 1870, took part in the first FA Cup. Tom Sargent gives you the lowdown on the Magpies

A rough guide to... Eastleigh

By Tom Sargent, 15 September 2021

Stewart Donald pulled the plug on their finances, but the Spitfires show few signs of going down the drain. Tom Sargent brings you up to speed on Eastleigh

A rough guide to... Wrexham

By Tony Butcher, 10 September 2021

Still stranded in non-League despite the gift of Shaun Pearson (now reclaimed) Tony Butcher feels a little sorry for "Ryan Reynolds's Wrexham"

A rough guide to... Torquay United

By Rich Mills, 8 September 2021

Torquay United have had no time to feel sorry for themselves after missing out on promotion in the play-off final. Rich Mills reports

A rough guide to... Barnet

By Miles Moss, 2 September 2021

There's no place like home, but Edgware is nowhere like home to Bees fans. Miles Moss brings us up to date on Saturday's opponents Barnet

A rough guide to... Stockport County

By Sam Metcalf, 29 August 2021

Like Town, Stockport were in the second flight not so long ago, and now they've got a wealthy owner promising a return. Sam Metcalf sketches the Hatters

Money, money, money: how Fenty still suffocates the Mariners

By Tony Butcher, 27 August 2021

Jason Stockwood suggested this week that transfer fees will pay off John Fenty's loans. Tony Butcher brings us up to date on the club and Fenty's finances

A rough guide to... Weymouth

By Rich Mills, 24 August 2021

They've got the most middle-class nickname in football and they've also got Ahkeem Rose. Rich Mills introduces you to Weymouth

Could you write the Cod Almighty Diary?

By Cod Almighty, 19 August 2021

Hoping for a change from diaries that bang on about Bestall, Boylen and Buckley? Here's your chance to be a voice for younger Town fans

I like my football on a Saturday

By Richard Hallam, 21 July 2021

Richard Hallam rarely misses a Town game, home or away. Who better then to comment on the recent fixture changes.

The Fenty Years: Part Four

By Mark Stilton, 13 July 2021

In Town's first two years in the Conference, John Fenty got into rows with fellow director Mike Parker and Boston United. Mark Stilton sifts the evidence