Codswallop and the rivers of bloods

Cod Almighty | Article

by Codswallop

16 May 2005

Well that's great news for the foreigners! We must be stupid!! Coming over here being undesirable, flooding into Grimsby, sending house prices through the roof and queueing up for a job because they can't get work in their own country. Can't you see them? They were not here in Lawrie Mac's day! But enough about Russell Slades being reappointed for next season and bringing all these trialists in - let's talk about the general election result!!

I expect the liberal do-goodering so-called people who run Cod Almighty were delighted to see their friend Tony Blairs get re-elected so he can carry on giving them handouts to do nothing at their jobs all day while they run this so-called website. Political madness? Correct! I blame the lady voters. They don't like wars because they don't understand them.

And the lady voters think Gordon Browns's so-called 'tax rises' are necessary for better so-called public services. They hear his lilting Scottish brogue and go weak at the knees and give him his pounds of flesh. And I'm not talking about Tony Crane's backside!!

The liberal correctness brigade who run Cod Almighty will probably edit that joke out. The only time that lot talk about bottoms is when they watch so-called films on Channel Four about homosexual! If you're easily offended though, pardon my French. Don't pardon the French though! Nobody else does!!

Speaking of Russell Slades though I see he's been reappointed for next season. We the fans have had our wishes roughly ridden overshod! We must be stupid! Did you hear the manager launch an astonishing outburst at our favourite the superbe Monsieur Pinault? This should have been the final nail in his record!

When Codswallop was a young boy the new National Health Service was the envy of the world especially the French and the whole street could leave our pushbikes unlocked and nobody would break into them. And now that we have an extreme left-wing socialist government crime is spiralling out of control and people are dying in hospitals!

So I say: send all the undesirable foreigners who work in our hospitals back home where they came from and people will stop dying! It's just common sense. If they didn't all have Aids then Michael Howards would never have suggested testing them all for it. It's just common sense. But you tell that to the liberal correctness so-called PC brigade, and they call you a racialist. It's gone mad.

And our manager has found one rough needle in the diamond haystack of his flood of trialists. One! If this is the best Slades can do, send him back where he came from - back to Southend. We must be stupid! We deserve better than this! If a classy foreign coach is good enough for Arsenal then it's good enough for the mighty Mariners so give Pinault the job and he can bring a flood of his skilful mates over from abroad!!