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Diary - Tuesday 7 November 2006

7 November 2006

Sky Sports has won the race to become the first professional news medium to mention Glenn Cockerill in connection with the vacant job of Grimsby manager. This keenly contested annual award, now in its sixth year, was scooped by the broadcaster last night with an impressive time - within 11 hours of the sacking of Graham Rodger being announced by the club. As is traditional for the competition's winning story, Sky's piece contains absolutely no evidence supporting its assertion that the Woking manager is likely to apply for the position at Blundell Park other than that he was born in Grimsby. Media organisations that missed out on first place in the Cockerill competition are now preparing for the annual contest to link Nigel Clough with the Mariners job with absolutely no evidence other than that somebody mentioned on a messageboard in 2001 that he'd done quite well at Burton Albion and the idea just caught on for some reason.

The youth of today, eh? When they're not smashing up old grannies and mugging phone boxes, they're winning the Midlands Floodlit Cup. And Town's super team of young chaps did exactly that last season. Win the Midlands Floodlit Cup, I mean, not smash up old grannies and mug phone boxes. I hope. Tonight they are taking their talents to a grander stage, as their assault on this year's big one, the FA Youth Cup, begins at home to Huddersfield. Not to downplay the achievements of the yoof last season, but in the MFC they were playing against Walsall and Kidderminster and that, while in the FA Cup they could come up against the absolute cream of England's young talent: the future internationals waiting in the wings at Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea. And you know what the Diary always says: if you can't beat 'em, steal their expensive watches from the changing room.

"Beagrie for manager, he's the fans' favourite," writes Michael Shelton in an email to the Diary. Well, with all that media work, Mike, he's bound to have loads of contacts. Steve Hull, meanwhile, picks up on the disgrace to Grimsby Town FC and the English language that was the official website's send-off to Graham Rodger yesterday. "Luckily (to save Grimbarians' embarrassment), the BBC managed to pluck a number of extracts from the official site and make suitable edits to make them comprehensible," writes Steve. "I was relieved that they dropped the capital 'B' from board as well as that strange 'circumstances' fallen'." Is it just me, or is the OS getting worse? It used to just misspell the names of the club's own players and invent non-existent countries in Africa; now it reads like one of those spam emails that tries to fool the spam filter by putting the real content in an image file and loads of random stuff in the body text of the email.

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