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Diary - Friday 3 November 2006

3 November 2006

For the last hour or so your Guest Diarist's teeth have been gritted as I listen to the vacuous pap that is Radio Lincolnshire. They have lots of bat facts to send out, apparently. And have sent out "over thirty" already. And why am I doing this? Because today is the day when Steve Evans might get sent down for defrauding us taxpayers out of over three hundred grand and denying those poor sods from Dagenham & Redbridge their right to play League football. And I was just interested to see how local radio was viewing the situation. Meantime the writers of impsTalk are having a right old time posting up-to-the-minute updates from Southwark, where the court action is due to commence at 2pm.

But he won't go down, will he? The judge will view this as more of a corporate crime than one that put a greedy club above its station and fucked up the lives of its closest rivals. Let's hope the league take a sufficiently dim view of it all to kick them back to the Conference - because that is what this offence warrants. Most clubs, from the top down, get up to the odd shenanigan. Boston have got up to more shenanigans in the last ten years than I've had hot flippin' dinners. Call back later on this afternoon and I'll post an update on what the judge says.

Most Town fans are long-suffering. We've had practice. And we maybe even secretly like it when we have a clown to shout at. Someone pointed out recently that the "clown" insult is peculiarly Grimbarian and is implicitly handed down from generation to generation. But I've found a right one this morning: a Town fan who patently needs help. Not only has this poor creature shelled out to buy a four foot square picture of Russell Slade, but he's bid over a hundred quid (and counting) to try to buy Beagrie's shirt. Perhaps he's planning to make a Town-themed Guy Fawkes to burn on Sunday? But seriously, mate - you need to calm down a bit. Why not write in and tell us all about it?

As for the clown in question, well, Mr Rodger said "stand up and be counted" more times than I care to remember in his Mariners World match preview today. At one stage the camera operator neatly highlighted his problem, panning away from Rodgerses' eyebrows to a group of nine Town players - five of whom were lounging on their backsides on the turf. Rodgerses feels that Town have played a lot of games lately and that his team were half a yard short after the Peterborough heroics. Butler had the flu, apparently, and may miss his last game tomorrow. Curiously, this comes at a time when Whittle is fit again. In fact Whittle is only ever fit this season when he is required to step in to one breach or another. Bolland is back in contention, Rodgerses tells us, and so will be the other usual suspects.

Milton Keynes Today is another vacuous publication to which I have resorted this morning. It delivers unto us a preview of Grimsby Town which is as entertaining as it is accurate. On another page you can read that the Franchisees have been sunning it this week on a three-day mini break in Oman. I'd have come up to Humberston Fitties, meself, which would have been much more relaxing.

Anyroad, that's it until the sentencing verdict comes in. Talk to you later...

4:54pm update
"What a fackin' liberty!" he wheezed. "What time is it?" said the judge to Evans when they met. "Five to ten," said Stevie. The judge says, "That's exactly what you'll get." There endeth this most stilted of Tate/Dylan homages. It would have been better no doubt for a touch of Scarlett Rivera on the violin. But the violins are playing for Boston and the whole flipping game of football as the fat recalcitrant Evans gets a measly 12-month suspended fucking sentence. The other villain of the piece, 'long-time Boston supporter' and ex-chairman Pat Malkinson gets two years, also suspended. Both villains begged at length for mercy with Evans reportedly claiming all the wrongdoing was well under way before he arrived. Thanks to impsTALK for this news. Time I got the tea on. See yer.