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Diary - Friday 16 October 2009

16 October 2009

Bradley Wood(s), one of the few Town players this season not content to hide his light under a boshell, has been rewarded (as the journos say) with a four-year professional contract. Hats off to the lad, who has been a pleasure to watch - he tackles, he passes, he doesn't get downhearted easily, ie. he tries. Given Stockdale's injury record, the lad should get plenty of first-team games too. Let's hope Macca bumps in to our Bradley and gives him some tips about how to defend successfully without too much tackling. McDermott was an absolute master of that art.

As promised, Newell and Fenty have been spending money we haven't got to bring in more players to 'freshen things up' and to replace the injured Proudlock and the useless Clarke/Boshell/Leary (delete as applicable). Arnaud Mendy, a strapping box-to-box powerhouse of a giant French youngster (to paraphrase the Derby site and every other cut 'n' paste site on the web), has joined on a month's loan to get first-team experience. He's had a couple of run-outs and "scored with a spectacular overhead kick", but has no real experience. So the ever-increasing Irish flavour of the squad has been counterbalanced with a dollop of gallic je ne sais quoi. Let's hope he has all of those exciting qualities and is a really nice friendly young man to boot, eh? Because, mon Dieu, we need someone to get a grip in the middle of the park in a Georges Santos sort of way.

So Town are at home again tomorrow, to Rochdale, and we meet our ninth bogey team of this torrid season. The Cod Almighty factfile is well worth a read, as ever. It tells us we have yet another dodgy referee to look forward to and that "Town need to stop shitting about". My sentiments entirely.

The superb new official site is rumouring furiously that we are trying to sign "a Championship striker" as well, but no further news yet. As for team news, Newell is obviously too busy to do his subscription-only double act with Dale so all I can tell you is The Jarman had his operation to put a pin in his foot; Proudlock still has his ligaments although they are badly twisted; Conlon is his usual suspended self, and accidental hardman Boshell is banned as well. So we have yesterday's new boy Magennis, Ak-Ak and North to choose from up front. As for Hegggaarty (whom we really miss) I haven't a clue - last I heard, he was having an injection. We've got to come good sometime surely, but I have a feeling that tomorrow will still be a bit desperate. Let's hope not. See yer.