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Diary - Friday 26 April 2013

26 April 2013

So the rules have become clearer. Should someone at a football match not be acting appropriately even though you have politely asked them to refrain from whatever they are doing, don't get the stewards to sort it out. No. Simply stroll over and sort it out yourself - if that involves the wilful distruction of property belonging to a 10-year-old then all the better for it. It's how we do things round here. It's how we continue to portray the image of a professional club. Good man, Fenty. By the way, there's a couple of tiresome wankers in the Pontoon who could do with their legs "deconstructing" - could you sort that out for next season? They usually leave after 80 minutes or when the opposition has scored - whichever comes first.

So, news then: Town must be better, says manager/player/press/fan. There's an interesting cross-section of opinion on the GET today - although it's bloody disheartening when even an eight-year-old describes us as rubbish. What happened to the endless optimism of youth? It must expire at age three in Grimsby. I think the key insight there, though, is that Newport were hungrier when they came out of the tunnel. It's clear, then, that Shouty & Shorty need to force the team to fast at the weekend so that when they come on to the pitch they're absolutely starving. Easy, this management lark.

Town have received a bit of cash to spruce up the floodlights. I assume this is something we applied for rather than a random donation, or that some from FSIF happened to be passing and thought the floodlights could do with a lick of paint. Rumours that any left-over cash will be used to install automatic flag snappers at all entrances have not yet been confirmed.

Finally, for those unable to make it to Newport, the game will be screened live on the free-to-air and very Welsh S4C on Sunday. I'd point out that the commentators and pundits might use indecipherable language, but that's not really any different from watching a match on ITV. See you on the other side.