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15 October 2013

Cod Almighty celebrates John McDermott's and Alan Buckley's books with a quiz inspired by the literature of Grimsby Town. Get all ten answers right, and you can regard yourself as truly well-read, or a bit sad.

1. Who edited and compiled the Grimsby Town FC Centenary Brochure published in 1978?

Sid Woodhead

Charles Ekberg

Rob Briggs

Geoff Ford

2. Grimsby Town: A Complete Record 1878-1989 features 24 matches to remember. Which one of the following is not included?

Grimsby 7 Scunthorpe 1 (7 September 1966)

Grimsby 2 Everton 1 (30 October 1979)

Chelsea 2 Grimsby 3 (17 December 1983)

Middlesbrough 1 Grimsby 2 (7 January 1989)

3. Reminiscences of Grimsby Town Football Club 1879-1912 is an extract from the memoirs of which local sporting figure?

Harry Fletcher

Bob Lincoln

George Mountain

Sidney Wheelhouse

4. To which one of these books has Austin Mitchell MP contributed an introduction?

1997-98: A Season to Remember

Grimsby Town FC Centenary Brochure

Grimsby Town Football Club: A Pictorial History

John McDermott: It's Not All Black and White

5. "You could be Grimsby's first million-pound footballer, if you would just realise it." Who, to whom?

George Kerr to Tony Ford, in The Tony Ford Story

Dave Booth to Kevin Drinkell, in Drinks All Round

Mike Lyons to John McDermott, in It's Not All Black and White

Alan Buckley to Chris Hargreaves, in Where's Your Caravan?

6. According to There or Thereabouts, who put up Keith Alexander when he played for Grimsby?

Alan Buckley

John Cockerill

Shaun Cunnington

Mark Lever

7. In Laws of the Jungle, Brian Laws writes: "Alan [Buckley] didn't have any qualms about coming back to Grimsby and trying to take the best players with him as cheaply as possible... The one I particularly didn't want to see leave was..." Who? 

Paul Agnew

Dave Gilbert

Paul Groves

Tony Rees

8. The dust jacket of Kevin Drinkell: Drinks all Round does not feature Drinkell in the strip of which one of his clubs?

Grimsby Town

Norwich City


Coventry City

9. "Not only did he not look like scoring [this player] rarely won an aerial duel, while his positional sense was questionable." Which player is Mariner Men: Grimsby Town Who's Who describing?

Mickael Antoine-Curier

Jimmy Gilligan

Murray Jones

Gary Liddell

10. Town have lost an away midweek game 4-0. How does Tony Ford report George Kerr's response?

Tells them to take two days off and get drunk

Orders extra training, and several laps around Weelsby Woods

Keeps them on the team coach until dawn, discussing what went wrong

Orders them to turn up next morning, and greets them with champagne

Did you read between the lines? Let's find out.