Vote for the best Grimsby XI: 1971-2002

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2 February 2015

Stuart Brace, Joe Waters, Kevin Moore, Paul Futcher, um, Steve Saunders. Town have had some fine players. Help us find the very best. 

It's something we all do. Think back over the years we have been following the Mariners and make up a team of the best players we have seen in each position. The results have been a staple of fanzines from Sing When We're Fishing onwards, and the source of many an argument. Now we are going to settle those arguments once and for all (or just give them fresh fuel).

On behalf of the Mariners Trust, we are compiling an anthology of the best writing about Town, covering everything from the McMenemy championship season of 1971-72 to 2001-02, when we enjoyed a day on top of the Football League, and an extra-time winner at Liverpool. The anthology will name the best possible team from that period, as voted on by you.

To take part, simply send an email to naming your team. Please:

  • Name no more than eleven players, who must have had at least part of their Grimsby career between 1971 and 2002.
  • Say in which position each player will appear in a 4-4-2 formation. You can name a goalkeeper, right and left backs, two central defenders, two central midfielders, a right winger, left winger and two strikers.
  • Name your choice of manager – again one who managed Grimsby between 1971 and 2002.
  • Tell us what year you started watching Grimsby.
  • Send in your team by 17 April 2015.

If you want to say a bit about the players in your selection, please do.

Please note that the poll has now been extended until 17 April, so you will be able to vote if you are attending Town's next two home games and the Mariners Trust's Graham Taylor night. Printed forms are available in the Trust bar.

We look forward to hearing from you.

To vote for your best Grimsby XI, email . Share your thoughts on Twitter using #GreatGYXI