Match stats: Grimsby v Eastleigh

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Sunday 3 May 2015

Conference Premier (PO2)

Grimsby Town 3 Palmer (35, 71), John-Lewis (44)

Eastleigh 0

Attendance: 6286

Sponsors' man of the match: lost in the mists of the masses

A detail lost in the swirling, swarming humanity.

Cod Almighty man of the match: Josh Gowling

The magnayficent Chelsea block by the man with the Ready Brek glow was the Babycham moment of the match; but the brains to Pearson's brawn, Josh Gowling, was quietly efficient. The headbanger was just doing his job, snuffing out the Eastleigh candles, snuffing out what hope they had.

Our gaffer says

"A good day for the club. We know there's one more, absolutely massive game in front of us, which we know is going to be difficult. For the time being we'll enjoy this moment, and there's some planning for me to do. We've already got a skeleton plan in place but a few days' rest and then really start the focus on that game."

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All Town had to do was have an attack. When they did, they scored. That was it and that was all. It's a simple game played by simple folk.

For the sake of the children we will never mention the first 33 minutes. The rest was just a breeze. It was not pretty, nor impressive. It was enough.


They still have no defence.

Dickie Hillock's hoofers have barely got a plan A, let alone a plan B. One-dimensional bully boys who ran out of steam. I am not going to waste your time or mine with anything further.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

Catch up with the mood of the working crowd: they're feeling proud

Official warning

Mr B Toner (Lancs)

This wasn't a day when piddling peripherals had any importance. A numerical quantification for the boy in black? Though it's only a whim, this is what I think of him: 6.501.

Readers' digest

Wakey wakey! Rock 'n' roll to score a goal. One-two-three elementary, like taking candy from a baby.

In a word: rocking


Town: McKeown; Nsiala, Pearson, Gowling, Magnay; Mackreth, Brown (Clay 68), Disley, Arnold (Hannah 85); Palmer (Pittman 79), John-Lewis

Subs not used: Chapell, Parslow

Booked: Brown

Eastleigh: Flitney, Green, Constable (Burton h/t), Reason, McAllister, Strevens, Evans, Howard (Odubade h/t), Turley, Partington, Pell (Walker h/t)

Subs not used: Beckwith, Midson

Booked: Howard