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29 January 2017

We've only one letter this week, but it's too good to sit on...

The perils of an early departure

Something reminded me of Jock Shearer recently. I recall he came to Wintringham Grammar School at Highfield, I think to provide some coaching, back in early 1950 when I was a pupil there. Later that year, aged 13, I saw his career ended by a tackle from Manchester City's German goalkeeper - the legendary Bert Trautmann - which resulted in a broken leg for the Mariners' inside-right.

That was a dramatic match. City were favourites for promotion from Division Two and I stood the whole game in teeming rain while they went into a 4-2 lead with only about four minutes left. Then Town got a corner, right in front of me at the Cleethorpes end and centre half Duncan McMillan hit the skidding ball home to record a rare goal and set up a frantic finish as the clock ticked down. The last minute arrived and Billy Cairns sent Tommy Briggs through and he smashed home the equaliser.

On arriving back home in Nunsthorpe, I saw a neighbour and asked if he had been to the match. He said he had and it had been a good game "but what a pity Town had lost". He had left early - along with a number of other fans I fancy - and missed something wonderful!

Kind regards

from Harry Buck

Letters Ed responds: Thanks Harry. Does anyone want to confess to having missed great moments themselves through leaving early?

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