Match stats: Grimsby v Plymouth Argyle

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Saturday 6 May 2017

Division 4

Grimsby Town 1 Pearson (1)

Plymouth Argyle 1 Spencer (61)

Attendance: 6866

Sponsors' man of the match: Craig Disley

The corporate schmoozers and boozers were always gonna take a sentimental journey down to the pitch to set their hearts at ease before he leaves: Craig Disley. Thank you for the music.

Cod Almighty man of the match: Danny Collins

Tombola was unplayable in the first half and McAllister was a comforting, calm and sensible presence ticking, with Disley tocking, in the heart of the clock. How about Danny Collins?

Our gaffer says

I thought our attitude today was fantastic, they weren't gonna win the championship at our place today. That wasn't gonna happen despite a bit of help.

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Their gaffer says

We had a very difficult afternoon. We went down early in the game; we got ourselves back into it; and we just thought we were going to nick it at the end, but it just wasn’t to be. 

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Slade's seaside shufflers gave it a right go in the first half and had courage under fire in the second.

Town were tremendous in the first half, looking more like the champions elect than the frazzled fraying flan flingers. Passing, movement, pace, power and organisation. You know, like a football team. And in the second, well, nothing but a wall of monochrome, but a solid wall of monochrome. The players were bothered enough to risk their holiday hamstrings. Except Clements, who unveiled a hauntingly realistic impression of Jogging Danny B.

Let us speak people: The Dizzer and McAllister were our midget gems in the middle, a tip-top, tick-tock rock of serious sensibleness. Collins and Pearson lashed themselves to the wheel as the winds roared and oh the irony of McKeown finally saving a free kick. And then another. Tombola was sensationally swinging for the entire first half, roasting and toasting the full-back at will. And then they worked out how to stop him. Davies was back to his early season excellence. And then he got hurt.

What a fantastic base from which to build for the rest of the season. What? It’s finished? Already? Such black and white pace and promises. And we'd only just begun.


It's not easy, being green.

Big (eventually), strong, organised, persistent and wholly unremarkable. Then again, that's the fourth division for you.

For a big team they crumbled at corners. For an organised team they crumbled when Tombola gambolled and galloped gaily along the Bois De Blundell. For a strong team they crumpled when breathed upon. Plymouth only really caused concern when they played Rugby League and brought on old Spiderlegs-on-Stilts. The Devon Dandies weren't as impressive as they should have been, given their arrival as heir presumptive.

They have Graham Carey. He likes to waltz while the others tango

This set of Plymouth Gargoyles on this day in history were not a patch for pre-promotion Doncaster, Portsmouth, pre-Christmas Carlisle or, of course, the wrecking Crewe. They represent the triumph of persistence and are, oddly, probably built to survive in the cloggers paradise of Division Three. What do they care, they're up and can party in Meggies like it's 1984. Drink up thy zider.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

Don't worry, it was all just a bad trip after munching Marcus's Magic Mushrooms. It's over, happy hibernation.

Official warning

Mr R Joyce

This raspberry fool went beyond a lack of competence, for decisions were calculated to disfavour Town. The only surprise is that he didn't find a way to send a Townite off, or award a Plymouthian penalty. This man should not be permitted to officiate a Town match: 2.101, and that includes 2 bonus points for smiling along with the Pearson slalom.

Readers' digest

Boom-bang-a-bang Pearson arose. Boom-bang-a-bang Plymouth unfroze.

In a word: determination


Town: McKeown; Davies (Boyce 50), Collins, Pearson, Andrew; Disley (Comley 90+1), McAllister, Clements, Bolarinwa (Osborne 66); S Jones, Dyson

Subs not used: Gowling, Vernon, D Jones, Yussuf

Booked: Pearson, Comley, S Jones, Dyson

Plymouth Argyle: McCormick; Miller, Songo'o, Bradley, Sawyer, Sarcevic, Fox (Smith 83), Carey, Slew (Blisset 45), Taylor, Kennedy (Spencer 60)

Subs not used: Smith, Donaldson, Threlkeld, Dorel, Sokolik

Booked: Fox