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14 July 2017

Cup fever has hit North East Lincolnshire. It is unfortunately the kind of fever that has you feeling a bit bleary and weary, nodding off under a duvet on the sofa watching an old film with a honey and lemon to hand.

The FA Cup was once called the English Cup to distinguish it from fiercely-contested county cups. When you have a moment, let Mark Stilton take you back to the skirmishes on the wild east frontier of Victorian football. In the mean time, revel in Town's 4-0 win over Scunthorpe in the Lincolnshire Senior Cup quarter final, setting up a tie at Boston a week tomorrow.

The Scunthorpe side consisted of youth players and one first year professional. Most of their squad are in Austria. Such was Middle-Aged Diary's sporting prowess, I was usually in the group of boys handed a ball and told to have a kick-about on the lower field while those who were actually some good did proper training. Yesterday's Scunthorpe team must have felt about the same.

Still 4-0 is 4-0 and it was hardly Town's strongest team either, featuring so many trialists it poses the question If a club wins a cup without any contracted featured in the winning team, can it really be said to have won that cup? Yesterday afternoon, Kamal Ait El Haj appears to have caught the eye. I'm most excited about Brandon Robinson though.

It is high time the Mariners had a dude on our books. Jon-Paul Pittman had dude potential but was just a bit too crocked too often to ever quite get golden dude status. The Netherlands though is the international home of dudery and the cool aplomb with which Robinson took his goal yesterday suggests the long wait could be over.

Tomorrow, Grimsby entertain Barnsley, and are sure to field a side containing professional footballers. Matches against Barnsley used to be a regular feature of the Town season but this will be their first visit since February 2004, when we walloped them 6-1 under the caretakership of Graham Rodger. With Rodger installed as chief scout, its surely an omen.

To finish, a quiz question. Which Blundell Park figure would you describe as "an idealist, a warm and compassionate man who sees the good in everybody and believes he can get the best out of anyone"? Answers on a postcard to Mike Holden. It might finally explain the mystery of Glen Downey, however.