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You should have heard BankExit when Hope Powell was rumoured to be in talks with Town

17 July 2017

First of all, Middle-Aged Diary is indebted to Devon Diary for bringing this to my attention:


Read on and it becomes apparent that BankExit doesn't actually watch Doctor Who very often. This leaves us with two possibilities. Either BankExit is a Town follower ("I've supported the Mariners for 33 years and Paul Hurst is too negative. Not that I've seen any games since Matt Tees was released") or a deep-ingrained reluctance to look the modern world honestly in the face is not an exclusively Grimbarian trait.

Let's hope Russell Slade got the numbers straight when he was booking the coach to Devon. (My advice: don't make the mistake of thinking you are nearly there when you reach Bristol. Save a ration of sweets and be ready to start up a game of I-Spy in Somerset.) The travelling party will be augmented by two late new signings: goalkeeper Ben Killip, who was awarded a one-year contract on Saturday, and striker Harry Cardwell, who has today signed a two-year deal.

"Everything you need to know about Grimsby Town new signing Harry Cardwell" promises the Telegraph headline. That is an egregious misrepresentation. The Telegraph doesn't spill the beans on whether Cardwell puts the milk in first when making a cup of tea, or his opinions on having a female Doctor Who. I bet those are the first questions Matt Dannatt would have asked.

On Saturday, Town took advantage of the hiatus between the signing of Killip and the resumption of season ticket sales to put Barnsley to the sword, goals by Siriki Dembele and Brandon Robinson – both owing a lot to shocking defending, it must be said – securing a 2-1 win. Russell Slade pronounced himself pleased in particular with the performance of Paul Dixon, the latest player to try out at left-back.

With a certain amount of sheep-from-goats sorting of trialists from squad members now beginning to happen, the composition of the party that travels to Devon will be intriguing. Watch that space.