Match stats: Grimsby v Lincoln City

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Saturday 30 September 2017

Division 4

Grimsby Town 0

Lincoln City 0

Attendance: 7669 (1878 away fans)

Sponsors' man of the match: Luke Summerfield

The Perspexians had some perspective and for once in their life did not make a perplexing choice.

Cod Almighty man of the match: Luke Summerfield and James McKeown

I suppose the centre-backs headed the ball enough times to satisfy enough people enough of the time, but that's what they are supposed to do. Without Luke Summerfield Town's midfield was bereft of heft with Berrett in feeble mode. Without James McKeown's extremities Town would have slunk away feeling sorry for themselves. Town got away with a point because of these two adequates.

Our gaffer says

"We looked organised and both teams, in all fairness, looked fairly difficult to break down."

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Their gaffer says

"On the balance of play, we had the better territory and chances, but the scoreline never lies and we don't want to be nearly men... sometimes the biggest mistake you can make is trying not to make a mistake. I think we played with the safety catch on."

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Well, at least we didn't lose. 

Like the disco king meets Yogi bear, Collins and Clarke the able C-men, the oldest swingers in Town managed to head off the heads of Palmer and Green, who were less a strike force more a brand of chocolates. You're more likely to find them in Waitrose then the Town penalty area.

The creaking backline just about held firm, the midfield was a barren wasteland of men getting in the way, mostly, of other men. Jones looked thoroughly dispirited at watching the ball fly up to and beyond the rusty Blackpool Tower. Matt needs to be informed that static caravans are sited down Anthony's Bank, not Blundell Park

What more can be said? At least we didn't lose.


All New Lincoln? Danny's boys are just Braintree on steroids. Big and full of bash.

They had a plan, they had a system, they had no real desire to do anything but not lose and never, ever looked like conceding a goal. Or scoring one.

Unfortunately Farman has been replaced by someone who looked unremarkably solid. He kicked accurately, plucked calmly and scooped up the poop Town sent his way without much fuss. Their central midfield over-powered our York old boys, with Bostwick being the dominant character in the game.

Lincoln were just a variant on Lincoln, this time less flaky, but also less air-raidy scary. Just a bit stronger than Town in every way, but equivalent to Town in their destiny: somewhere unguessable between relegation and promotion. Too strong to be in difficulty, too ordinary to be interesting. Probably upper mid-table with regrets about what might have been.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

Dutifully present and pleasantly surprised by the lack of surprises.

Official warning

Mr C Boyeson (E Yorks)

Our new favourite Hullite adopted a rigid policy of only giving free kicks in the ten yards either side of the half way line, and stopping anything that would get anywhere near goal. This lovely chap craved a life of non-controversy and satisfyingly ruined Lincoln's day by stopping them ruining our day. What a guy: 7.8888.

Readers' digest

It started. And eventually it ended. Let's avoid the void between.

In a word: inert


Town: McKeown; Davies, Collins, Clarke, Dixon; Dembele (Jaiyesimi 79), Berrett, Summerfield (Rose 69), Woolford; Jones, Matt (Vernon 61)

Subs not used: Hooper, K Osborne, Cardwell, Killip

Booked: Clarke

Lincoln City: Vickers; Eardley, Dickie, Raggett, Habergham, Arnold (Ginnelly 61), Woodyard, Bostwick, Anderson (Maguire-Drew 82), Palmer (Rhead 70), Green

Subs not used: Farman, Long, Whitehouse, Waterfall

Booked: Bostwick