Match stats: Port Vale v Grimsby

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Saturday 7 October 2017

Division 4

Port Vale 1 Pope (39)

Grimsby Town 2 Jones (51), Dembele (67)

Attendance: 5849 (533 away fans)

Cod Almighty man of the match: Ben Davies

Summerfield again took charge in the middle, and was the catch upon which Vale woolly jumpers were hooked. But without Ben Davies getting in the way all the time Port Vale would have accidentally scored again. And possibly again, again.

Our gaffer says

"I'm delighted for the boys – I thought we showed great attitude and a good spirit in the second period.

"It was important to stay in the game today because Port Vale weren't gonna be better than they were first half. They've thrown everything from us with a real reaction to a new manager coming in."

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Their gaffer says

"I was very pleased with the first half, I thought the players had a good shape and played at a good intensity and passed the ball well. I was very happy at half time."

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Do not delude yourself. This win was mostly due to Valiant incompetence, for this wasn’t Town finest hour, the one we spent watching this shower in the rain.

The left side was achingly old. Because it is, they can't help it. It was painful to watch Woolford, in particular, try to get his ancient legs moving. From left, from right, crosses were permitted, free headers invited and Town got away with it through the wonderful woefulness of the opposition.

For 15 minutes Town played what we would recognise as football. They passed the ball along the ground. And to each other. They moved around and did not just whack it high and long, above all they passed the ball to Dembele. Luckily, Vale had decided not to smother him in a carpet of clattering, which helped.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth, eh.


We have been you before. We see it. You have our sympathies.

Leaky, lightweight and inattentive. These ephemeral amblers were up against stuffed dummies for all but quarter of an hour and could only score one goal. They were better at defending Town's goal than Town and had a defence that existed in theory.

They ran around and tried hard, so there's that to cling to. Poor, Port Vale. Unless a dose of Aspin cures the headache a new life awaits you in the off-world colonies. A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure. And Gateshead.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

Harrumphing on hold for another week.

Official warning

Mr A Woolmer

It's funny how distance can make referees seem so small The pastel peepster was determined to let it go and let it flow, let it flow, let it flow, with hardly any free kicks given for those mundane barges and nudges. Good chap, well done: 7:557 for consistency.

Readers' digest

It rained, it stopped raining, we went home.

In a word: Hamsterdam


Port Vale: Roos; Denton, Kay, Smith, Gunning, Gibbons, Whitfield (Worrall 64), Pugh, Tonge (Turner 77), Harness (de Freitas 71), Pope

Subs not used: Hornby, Anderson, Davis, Barnett

Town: McKeown; Davies, Clarke, Collins, Dixon; Dembele (Mills 89), Berrett, Summerfield, Woolford; Jones (Matt 80), Vernon (Rose 80)

Subs not used: Killip, Hooper, Osborne, Jaiyesimi