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Can we blame Phil Neal's children for Mike Lyons?

12 October 2017

Let's carry on talking about goals.

Antony Chapman has been in touch, which is always good news. He writes: "I have looked several times at our second goal on Saturday. I can't see Davies running up the right wing. What I did notice, and which I think no-one else has remarked on, is that Dembele called for the ball. Summerfield clearly heard him, and played the perfect pass. The timing of both was immaculate. Seconds later and Dembele would have been offside. All credit to both. Candidates for goal of the season and pass of the season."

The other goal we have been talking about this week is Phil Jevons's against Liverpool, scored 16 years ago this week. Back in 2006, presented with a list of 50 scored since 1979, Cod Almighty readers voted it Grimsby's greatest goal. That was, truth be told, rather to the chagrin of CA staffers. If we confronted you with the same list today, would it still pip, for instance, the goal finished by Cockerill against Huddersfield, or Burnett's golden goal? (Middle-Aged Diary notes that, curiously, two of those goals have been commemorated in song by our own Pete Green; I feel there is a concept album in the making here.)

More pertinently, if we were to repeat the exercise today, with goals scored since 2006, what would make the list? Without any checking, my mental showreel conjures up first:

  • Dim memories of an FA Cup goal involving an interchange between Gary Jones and Danny North. It was in Alan Buckley's third spell and he described it as the nearest we had got to replicating the style of his first spell
  • Loads of people are going to say Glen Downey at Wrexham, so I'll cut them off at the pass
  • Pádraig Amond's penalty at Braintree. It might have looked scruffy and it might be mad including a penalty, but it meant the future of the club and we now know the cool calculation that went into its execution
  • Nathan Arnold at Wembley, natch
  • Jamey Osborne's high-speed, jolting career down the Yeovil wing
  • There's the goal Alan Connell scored from outside the penalty area at Altrincham in our first Conference season, notable as a Town fan had time to curse him for shooting even before the ball hit the net
  • I want a goal by Nick Hegarty, so I'll go with our third in a 4-0 league win sandwiched between the two legs of our Football League Trophy semi-final, all against Morecambe. He tapped in a rebound but it was after some good build-up play
  • Conor Townsend's wickedly curving free kick against Welling in November 2015. That's a bit of a cheat as I was in the Main Stand so all I could see was that it had somehow beaten the keeper at his near post
  • Dembele last Saturday, of course

That's off the top of my head. Make your suggestions.