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Ball boys and booze

4 November 2017

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A crying shame

A couple of days ago, I came across a piece on the Fishy about the lack of the ball boy at Blundell Park matches and the fact that sometimes the players had to retrieve the ball themselves. That took me back to a few games, perched in the upper Findus with a feeling that something wasn't right on and around the pitch; that 'not right feeling' I was getting was indeed the lack of ball boys.

Now, I don't know about you, but to me this just ain't right. It's like no milk in your tea. No jam and cream in your scone and no butter on your toast. To me it is downright amateurish not to have ball boys at a professional football match. It is a crying shame and something that should just not happen; it's just so wrong innit?

Therefore, I submit this letter in the hope that relevant peoples will read this and realise that the humble ball boy has a massive part to play in English football, and clubs like Grimsby Town in particular should not be letting this essential bit of football tradition die.

Come on you ball boys.

from Tony Barker

Letters Ed responds: While on the subject, is there a more concise unisex term than ball boys and girls?

Cod Almighty implicated in booze promotion shock

Can anyone explain to me why shops and petrol stations have to have all the cigarettes hidden from public view by a roll top shuttered affair? This is rather odd whilst booze is on full display for all to see.

Take a visit to any supermarket chain. You wouldn't think they stocked cigarettes there: totally out of sight. Yet before your eyes you couldn't miss it: wall after wall, six foot high, case after case of alcohol in your face. Not failing to mention row upon row of wines and spirits with huge signs advertising these drinks.

Why are fags behind closed doors yet booze reigns free for all to see. Something seems amiss

from Ken Coulbeck Jr

Letters Ed responds: Cod Almighty regularly receive letters asking us to write more about politics. Asking us to comment on a public health issue is a first.

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