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Foot in mouth, brandishing two fingers at the fans (a few of whom deserve it)

13 November 2017

Trentside Diary writes: "Horrible day, horrible result, horrible performance." John Tondeur summing up our performance at the weekend.

It isn't a happy time at Grimsby Town, whether home or away.

We're not very exciting (read poor) on the pitch and after the warmth of 2016 and the success of Operation Promotion, the club has reverted to its usual pose with foot firmly in mouth and brandishing two fingers at the fans. Kim Jung Fenty maintains his inner circle of tame directors, and if the backroom staff are all of the calibre as the accounts manager then I worry for us as an organisation off the pitch as well as on. Sorry, I take that back. I wouldn't want him to feel bullied.

Some Town fans decided to attend a match in Belgium as Town were away at the weekend – Oudenaarde v Eendracht Aalst. What a fun weekend that should be? The behaviour of some of them let us down as a club. The worst example of boorish football behaviour with fans from both teams letting off flares, invading the pitch and delaying the match by 15 minutes. Drunken lads away from home and pratting about, you may think – but sadly, they don't seem to have enough gumption to realise that this reflects on the rest of us when we're travelling to away games.

Let me say here – I do not believe that the police and stewards are justified in treating Town fans as less than human. Most of us are grown-ups who don't need policing but this behaviour gives the police and other clubs all the reason they need to search us inappropriately and herd us around.

We need something to change and soon. There are some already hoping that there are two teams worse than us for the rest of this season but that feels too passive.

I'm not calling for Slade's head, yet. We cannot keep swapping managers without letting them have a fair crack of the whip. I would love to see Fenty and his toadies long gone but as far as I know there isn't another Town fan rich enough to buy him out. We have bursts of supporter organisation such as Operation Promotion but they are not sustained for long enough for us to be a fan-run club. Could we think laterally for the Mariners Trust? Is there an option for exiles to get more involved? Could we Skype in to meetings?

Could we organise something to build more atmosphere? Forza Garibaldi was set up by Forest fans in 2016 to reinvigorate support. They organised pre-match gatherings and events to generate a positive, vibrant atmosphere despite the problems they were having in the boardroom and on the pitch. Sound familiar? My favourite was fans arriving by boat down the Trent. Surely the Mariners fans could do something similar?

We need to regenerate the sense of pride that the promotion-winning side created. We need to be a team with purpose and a plan – both on and off the pitch.