Match stats: Grimsby v Swindon Town

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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Division 4

Grimsby Town 3 Matt (11), Dembele (72), Rose (87)

Swindon Town 2 Anderson (26), Matt (og 28)

Attendance: 3023 (199 away fans)

Sponsors' man of the match: Diallang Jaiyesimi

The corporate schmooozers did mental conga into McMenemy's and came up with DJ Jinky for his continuous conga down the line.

Cod Almighty man of the match: Danny Collins

Could it be Matt, could it be Mills? You'll just to wait and see. Que sera, sera, it's… Danny Collins. Why? It's the little things that stop big things happening. A big block of cheese today.

Our gaffer says

Russ resisted the temptation to snark at Mr T and the crowd with Hurstian snippery:

"It just shows what we can do when we apply ourselves for any length of time on the pitch."

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Their gaffer says

Flitcroft started sanely but went a bit seething Slade (2005) over a penalty claim:

"If you just want to do the soft decisions then go and referee netball and come out of professional football, because it is a massive moment."

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Movement, some pace, a desire to attack, crosses, passes, shots, action. Have we seen the light?

The reduction of the average age of the team resulted in some young legs moving quickly, which energised the latent talent. We may have a right-footed left side, but there was balance and always a hint of something happening. Matt played like a centre forward, with intent and desire, like a man who believed it was worth making the effort.

We wasted two months with an obsession with conservatism and an excess of experience, but the last two games have shown there is something there after all. We got what we asked for: football.

Let's be ambitious, let's reach for the stars and not stare into the gutter. We could be 12th.


Gracelessly gifted and gifted Town the game.

Built for counter-attacks, but we could see right through their plastic macs. Big blokes in strategic places and several speedy little scuttlers slicing through cheese.

Their defence looked prone to comedy, but their keeper was impressively athletic to make up for their slapstickability. Their biggest problem? A clear sense of entitlement and superiority. They too have a Parslow Point, for once they took the lead they sat back and allowed Town to build up momentum. You can go a long way with Momentum.

Offensively superior to all yet seen at Blundell Park, defensively just the same as everyone else seen at Blundell Park. Should be hanging around in the play-offs by April, and if they're not, they'll hang Flitcroft out to cry.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

Well, we got together later rather than sooner, but there was something in the air tonight.

Official warning

Mr M Coy

Don't be coy, that's all I ask of a referee. He could have been madder, was often baffling, but we're in a giddy reverie, so 6.111.

Readers' digest

Knock, knock, knocking on Swindon's door.

In a word: refreshing


Town: McKeown; Mills, Clarke, Collins, Davies; Dembele, Rose, Summerfield, Jaiyesimi (J Osborne 86); Matt, Jones (Vernon 89)

Subs not used: Killip, Dixon, K Osborne, Kelly, Hooper

Swindon Town: Charles-Cook, Purkiss, Taylor, Lancashire (C), Preston, Goddard, Gordon (Iandolo, 79), Dunne, Anderson, Woolery, Smith

Subs not used: Vigouroux, Knoyle, Robertson, Norris

Booked: Preston, Smith