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21 December 2017

What is the finest individual goal you have seen by a Town player?

Theoretically, Middle-Aged Diary prefers the team goal, the network of passing and movement ending with a calm finish. I saw such a goal once scored by Crewe at Torquay; the home fans applauded, even though it completed a comeback from 2-0 down to 3-2 up. They are the goals you admire, that you want your team set up to score. Cockerill's goal against Huddersfield aside, they don't quite give you that same whoosh out of your seat of an individual moment of audacity.

Jamey Osborne's goal for Solihull, covered yesterday, has brought the idea to my mind, not for the goal itself but for the one against Yeovil last May. I stood first when I realised that Osborne had realised, well before me, that with the right touch he'd have a clear run on goal, even starting from deep inside the Town half. You stand for the sheer brilliance of the idea. He can't, can he? you think as he slaloms down the left wing.

The goal itself, the net bulging is pure apotheosis. The realisation that what will  be the greatest goal ever if he can somehow pull it off is indeed the greatest goal ever. Spike Milligan once claimed to have been thinking, as Gareth Edwards gathered a loose ball, chipped it over the covering defence and gave chase, they'll build a cathedral there if he scores that. No need: these goals are cathedrals to sport's greatest possibilities.

We are not by the way talking about long shots (unless they are from outside the halfway line) so if you are just about to type Phil Jevons in memory of his quick tap and boot at Anfield, forget it. These are the chances an individual creates out of nothing.

You'll suspect I have Neil Woods in mind, and who wouldn't? His first few months at the club generated a hatful of greatest goals ever. If the brand could be cheapened, he'd have cheapened it. I'm also remembering a Paul Groves goal at Upton Park, juggling the ball on the volley until he had the space to shoot. Then I've hazy memories of YouTube footbage of Clive Mendonca, first dribbling towards his own half then turning through 180 degrees to weave his way to goal.

Town eh? We're bloody brilliant sometimes. But enough from me. Over to you.