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Great goals and goodwill

22 December 2017

Let's see what the christmas post has brought? Ah, riches


21 November. I was back at my beloved Blundell Park. My shift pattern had just changed, which gave me the chance to attend the Swindon game, though the myriad of negative emotions swirling around everywhere at present did their best to dissuade my attendance. But the pull is just too much.

I was heartily warmed by the presence of, ahem, ballboygirls. The signs were looking good. Although the chat in the trust bar was mixed, we were there, all Town together. 30 seconds in and some good football from town resulted in a rasping header and a wonderful save from the Swindon keeper, which would the first of many on this night.

Then, just before our opening goal, the Swindon fans started singing: "Give me an erer-S….. Wubble-yu."
What? Had my ears heard wrong? Wubble-yu? Really? Nope. As the chant carried on to its conclusion, I started tittering to myself about what I’d heard and that nobody else had heard it. This "wubble-yu" suddenly gave me great confidence that we would win the game.

Incredibly, half-time saw us 2-1 down, but the talk in the break was very positive. Town, apart from the odd error, had done everything right and there was a feel good factor amongst us. I could sense that the players were licking their wounds a bit as the second half progressed. But we were solid and everyone was more than ready for what was to come.

As the game neared its end, I heartily remembered the Wubble-yu chant and hey presto, the boys made 2,800 or so of us sound more like 6,000, as we took our just desserts from the game in a rousing 3-2 thriller. A game that warmed the cockles of your heart. A game to remind us all why we love football and GTFC so much.

Thanks lads. Thanks everyone.

Up the Town
Tony Barker.

from Tony Barker

The greatest goal 1

This might not have been the most skillful goal but it has always stuck in my mind.

Being South-coast based Town's visits to Brighton were always a must-see. Early in the 2000s at the god- forsaken Withdean sports area on scaffold seating watching eagerly as Town won a free kick on the edge of the area. Alan Pouton stepped up and curled it into the far corner. Once he stopped celebrating he realized the ref had disallowed it for some mundane reason like not waiting for his whistle.

From that second it was obvious (to me at least) that Mr Pouton was going to score that afternoon even if he had to play the whole match on his own. He was like a man possessed, at the centre of every Town move and goal attempt. Until finally he picked the ball up just over the halfway line and like the incredible hulk set off goalwards. I swear there was steam coming out of his nostrils. Brighton players bounced off him as he thundered towards a (presumably) petrified goalkeeper. Into the area, a jink round the last defender and the ball was tucked neatly away. I like to think he said to the ref as he trotted back "Disallow that one you ******!"

I believe it was even the winner in a satisfying 1-2 victory.

from Peter Hopgood

The greatest goal 2

From three wins and a draw in the first four games of the season to three wins and lots of defeats in the last twenty-seven, 1981-82 was looking like yet another only-Town-could-do- this relegation. Wherever we were in the league, though, I loved the old-style Easter fixtures - two games in three days, sometimes three games in four days.

The 12,000 of us that turned up for the Good Friday game against Barnsley got exactly what we were expecting - two goals down at half-time. It would have been five or six had Barnsley been any good. Somehow, Whymark and Moore got us back into the game in the second half, and escaping with a draw would have been enough for us all.

And then... The finest individual goal by a Town player. Ever. With more flicks to the left and flicks to the right than Rio managed in three minutes of perfect pop, Joe Waters beat three men, possibly four, perhaps five, some say six, and stuck the ball in the Barnsley net. Oh, look at his face, just look at his face! And look at ours. A Mexican wave of utter disbelief started somewhere in the Constitutional corner and ended up at the open-mouthed Town and Barnsley management teams. What a goal! What a fucking goal!

We won 3-2 and stayed in the second flight for another five years. My friends, there will never be a finer goal than Joe's against Barnsley.

from Rob McIlveen

When we were good but didn't know it

1 September, 2001 Nationwide Div 1 (Old Tier 2 for young'uns)

Came across this "montage" when tidying up my office. It's a cut out from the GrimTele (montage made by my sons for my a few days later)

1 September montage
This link for match report. Will we read such again?

PS. What ever happened to that team just belows us??

Wesołych Świąt - Merry Xmas to all . UTM

from Janusz Przeniczny

Letters Ed responds: And as the last time we heard from Janusz he was furious with us, that is a message very well received.

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