Time to go

Cod Almighty | Article

by Jase Ives

31 January 2018

This isn't about Town's current bad form. It isn't about John Fenty. It is about the damage he is doing to our heritage.

GTFC: the time has come, the time is now.

Barry Whittleton spoke last night post-match on Radio Humberside with passion, eloquently yet restrained, a man who is Grimsby Town through and through, doesn't miss a game, travels far and wide, and began to express the feelings of a multitude of Town fans.

It's not just about one win in 11. Not just about no goals. Not just about the manager. Not just about the lies. Not just about the contempt. Not just about the ill treatment of people doing their job. Not just about the downward spiral.

It's about 1878. It's about history. It's about heritage. It's about heroes. It's about the people who go and support.

It isn't about John Fenty. Supporter of the club? Maybe. If you were, you'd have seen the damage you were causing years ago. Some of us did, and were slated for saying it.

You're a custodian. It isn't about you. Take your ownership and go. It isn't for you to hold a gun to the head of a club you purport to support and threaten its future. It isn't for you to have to be happy with, or set conditions on, the next custodian.

You say you aren't happy. You were happy stepping in: no one forced you. You were happy taking plaudits. You were happy parading around Bournemouth celebrating a crap season. You were happy taking limelight away from the players on the Wembley pitch. You were happy goading the very support you don't deserve at the fans' forum.

To quote Gloria Gaynor: "Go. Walk out the door. Just turn around now 'cos you're not welcome anymore."

What next for Grimsby Town?