Match stats: Grimsby v Cheltenham Town

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Saturday 3 February 2018

Division 4

Grimsby Town 1 Jackson (3)

Cheltenham Town 1 Boyle (77)

Attendance: 3352 (92 away fans)

Sponsors' man of the match: Nathan Clarke

A man in tight trousers and a suspicious hat was overcome with a love of leadership and cast air kisses towards Nathan Clarke.

Cod Almighty man of the match: Zak Mills

Yes, yes, Mr Wilks was a hearteningly spritely swinger, and Clarke was staunch and strong, but our flexible friend deserves some credit and a card in the post: Zak Mills, overcame men who overhung him and was rather excellent.

Our gaffer says

The supporters are entitled to their opinion, but he isn't calling for a referendum until the polling changes. And some of the usual blarney and blather about this and that.

C'mon Slade, stop your cheap comments, we know what we feel.

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Their gaffer says

"So in the end we are competing with the Grimsbys of this world and we kept them behind us in the table…

People sometimes feel you just need to turn up to win a game, but teams are much of a muchness and it's all about finding that consistency”

He's a disciple of dislikeable drossball, but those words aren't daft.

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If you want to see light at the end of Slade's tunnel vision there were glimmerings in the glowering. Mr Wilks was rapidly rubbery, the forgotten full-back looked a decent and willing footballer, Jackson has a nose for a goal. Vernam worked hard, but was clearly in an unsuited position.

Town never looked like scoring, but in a different way.

Hey, at least there was some attacking, some shooting, some pace, some crosses and one player willing to stretch and slide inside the penalty area. These twiglets of hope are what we grasp at as the band plays on. It wasn't much cop, but it was far less bad than the present normal.


Huh, Cheatenham: big bad boomballers. Nothing changes. Why waste more of your life thinking about them.

They are just better at boomball than Russell Slade's creation. They'll stay up.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

Separating the loving and the loathing, supporting "our boys" at the home front in this war of malnutrition, while seeking a change in the ancient regime. To the tumbrils…

Official warning

David Webb

"He refereed the game well" said Gary Johnson bending the truth through his rose-tinted spectacles.

Well, he refereed the game is a factual statement.

This raspberry fool was immensely lenient on yellow leanings, and infinitely at error in indulging the Robins' round robin of egregious elbowing and shocking stamps and swipes. They were plain dirty and he didn't do his duty: 3.334. Even Berrett's bundle failed to knock some sense into him.

Readers' digest

Town were given the elbow by a pub team on tour.

In a word: gurgling


Town: Killip; Mills, Collins (Hall-Johnson 32), Clarke, Dixon, Berrett, Summerfield, Jackson, Wilks (Jaiyesimi 89), Matt, Vernam (Dembele 66)

Subs not used: Hooper, Vernon, Woolford, Warrington

Booked: Hall-Johnson

Cheltenham Town: Flinders; Graham (Adebayo 62), Grimes, Boyle, Dawson, Morrell, Winchester, Rodon, Chatzitheodoridis (Sellars 62), Pell, Eisa (Odelusi 62)

Subs not used: Atangana, Bower, Lovett, Onariase

Booked: Graham, Boyle