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Reason in revolt

23 February 2018

You've been writing again. Let's see what you have to say

Pitching in

With events of the past few days within and around GTFC it really does make you realise just how close-knit and yet diverse a bunch we are. Amongst our merry band of supporters, who we call friends, there are probably only a handful that we would choose as friends in any other circles. I am not talking about work colleagues, college mates, neighbours, dog walking acquaintances, etc here - I am talking about friends; people who we trust implicitly, folks who have our back, characters who seem to not only know just what to say, but how to say it and when to say it - yet the only apparent common thread is GTFC.

On Saturday, following the Crawley game, I poured a little piece of my heart out in a Grimsby Supporters Group on Facebook. It didn't surprise me that a couple of dozen folks got in touch directly to ask how I was, to let me know 'they were thinking of me' or to simply acknowledge my post. What did surprise me however was the number of people who 'reacted' to it, all positively, and that's the thing, in my opinion, that makes us all pitch in.

So if you are ever unsure that what you think, what you say, or that what you feel might not amount to much... First, just look at what the combined thoughts and feelings shared across the major social media channels achieved on Sunday [when Russell Slade's sacking was announced]. Second, how the persistence of Steve Plowes (and the CA crowd) have ensured that there will always be an alternative to the normal social media channels for us to share our common thread.

from Grant Maconachie

I smell revolution 2

Well all right, you didn't write that "Hurst was greedy" [see last postbag] I take it back with apologies to all (even the Trots) at CA.

My mind must have been somewhere else, as I also defied a Universal Law: that Board Backing does not equal a Sacking!. I mean it just does; why would I think that RS was going to be with us still. We have Charles's, Boyle's, Newton's and Sod's Law' I wouldn't argue with them. So why did I think Board Backing = Sacking could be defied. It even rhymes for Gods sake!

But I was right in the fact that we are at an edge of a Revolt, (un)Civil War, and down right nastiness. Tuesday's (excellent) diary says it all. Shame, as the fans make the club, I mean if GTFC was a restaurant, the board set a menu nobody wanted, and the manager/players burnt the food, how long would it last? Yet it does keep going.

Doesn't bode well though. UTM

from Janusz Przeniczny

Tommy of the Town fan club

Dear Sir,

I would like to join the Tommy of the Town fan club. Please send me a membership form and tell me how much a subscription will cost. I enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Yours faithfully,

R. McIlveen (age 58)

Episode 12 was close to comic genius. Episode 13 was comic genius. Congratulations to whoever is responsible.

from Rob McIlveen

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