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7 March 2018

Identical attendances, a new claim for Jonah-hood and a brighter future through the Youth Development Association

A unique occurrence

The gate for the Carlisle game was exactly the same as the gate of Town's previous game against Exeter at Blundell Park. Now, you're desperate to know (oh yes you are!) whether this has ever occurred for two successive league matches in Mariners history, aren't you?

And the answer is - yes, and there again, no.

Now according to Town's trusty record books, A Complete Record by Les Triggs, David Hepton and Sid Woodhead, as well as Dave Wherry's We Only sing When We're Fishing back in 1961, the Good Friday game, and the Saturday game 24 hours later, there were matching crowds of 14,779.

But on cross-checking with the Saturday Telegraph Football Annual, price 1/-, available from all Evening Telegraph Offices, the crowd on the Saturday (1 April 1961) was 7,734.

As Town's Good Friday games regularly saw the top attendance of the season, then I'm going with the Telegraph on this occasion.

So the Carlisle and Exeter attendances were unique!

from Kirky


Is it me? Am I Grimsby Town’s kiss of death? Is it my presence that makes previously average journeymen OK footballers content to go through the motions week-in, week-out and, god forbid, forget how to shoot on target? My shrink would have you believe I am spouting crap. 'All down aren’t we' is simply due to the perfect (shit) storm created by Russell Slade.

But then you scrutinise my track record. When I am on the terraces in recent times, I seem to bring nothing but woe and bad luck. I feel I should be haunted by the ghosts of Buckleys past. Is there a Town fan whose record over the last year can be as bad as mine?

The albatross was first hung around my neck by my nephew as we walked back down Wembley Way after Bristol Rovers had cheated their way back into the league. I thought I’d overcome my bad reputation when I saw Nathan promoting us and produced tears all round. But this season, from the theatre of dreary in Cleethorpes to the Checkatrade Stadium in Crawley my prescence has meant two things. No wins. And next to no goals:
Stevenage (a) 1-3
Coventry (h) 0-2
Cambridge (h) 0-0
Crawley (h) 0-0
Notts County (a) 0-0
Luton (a) 0-2
Morecambe (h) 0-2
Colchester (a) 1-1
Crawley (a) 0-3
Cambridge (a) 1-3

Ten games, three points, no wins; my last was at Leyton Orient in March 2017. Goals for: 3 (two late consolations at Stevenage and Cambridge, but not that I’m bitter). The 'best' performance: Colchester away (first half).

I am Grimsby til I die. But maybe, for the next 10 games at least, I will let the new boss Jolley up the troops and avoid relegation without me being an albatross round his neck.

Can you do worse than this?

from David Martin


An excellent and well-written article Dave.

You are right. The future of GTFC must lie with our youth academy. It has been proven time and again that sustainability lies with the development of local talent while the quick cash fix is usually no more than a temporary gloss-over. In the greater Grimsby area I am convinced lies another seam of Drinkells, Moores, Fords and Lunds just waiting to be tapped.

from John England

Letters Ed responds: Thanks also to Philip Storr and David Burton who also wrote in welcoming the establishment of the Youth Development Association.

Thanks to Kirky, David, John, Philip and David. Send your letters through our feedback link.