Match stats: Grimsby v Chesterfield

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Saturday 7 April 2018

Division 4

Grimsby Town 1 Rose (pen 88)

Chesterfield 0

Attendance: 6,780 (1,470 away fans)

Sponsors' man of the match: Danny Collins

Business men at the business end of the season could see Danny Collins meant business.

Cod Almighty man of the match: Danny Collins

A big day, a big match and the big man stepped out of the shadows to wrestle the magnum of mirth from Hall-Johnson.

Our gaffer says

“…I had a penalty competition with him yesterday and he went out before I did. It was quite interesting when he stepped up to take it, I didn’t know if I could watch.”

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Their gaffer says

Old Tumbledown Jack was a little bitter at the lemon of a penalty:

“The only way they would have scored is if they’d been gifted one, and you have to get that decision right, you can’t be guessing”

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Let’s not kid ourselves. Town won because of the kind heart of the referee. There was no other way they would score. The players tried hard, they did their best and that is the heartening bit – they carried on carrying on.

Hall-Johnson was mostly excellent and Collins staunch. The rest? They tried hard, they did their best. Who can ask for anything more?

OK, what's next?


An objective report would conclude Chesterfield were unlucky to lose and were the team most likely to score, and therefore win, this game.

Psssst, if you see Sid, tell him. There’s no such concept as "too good to go down".

Chesterfield are a poorer version of what they were on the first day of the season: lightweight dilettantes. They still look like they want to look good rather than be good.

Chesterfield may still go down, for their future is going to depend on the attitude of their opponents. They are a straw house ready to fly away in any breeze. In April football is all in the mind and heart, not the feet.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

Walking on home with hope in their heart.

Official warning

Mr B Madley

Good old Booby. You know you can rely on England’s top referees to make the right decisions in times of trouble. In a tight game you need men of vision. He saw what we needed him to see. Let it be a perfect 10. Truly, Madley is deeply despised in deepest darkest Derbyshire for believing he saw sea shells on the seashore.

Readers' digest

Awfully terrible versus terribly awful with a helping hand from a dead man’s chest.

In a word: alive


Town: McKeown, Hall-Johnson, Clarke, Collins, Fox, Dembele (McSheffrey 75), Summerfield, Rose, Woolford, Vernon (Cardwell 71) and Hooper (Jaiyesimi 68)

Subs not used: Killip, Mills, McAllister, Matt

Booked: Fox, Rose, Dembele, Vernon

Chesterfield: Ramsdale, Talbot, Nelson, Whitmore, Barry, Brown, Weir (O’Grady 81), Reed, Hines (McCourt 61), Kellett, Dennis

Subs not used: Anyon, Maguire, Smith, Rowley, Dodds

Booked: Talbot, Reed