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It was my club before it was Fenty's – he won't stop me going

16 April 2018

Trentside Diary writes: This diary is personal. If you don't like it, tough. Maybe you could write a diary in response!

Some Town fans annoy me and this diary is for you.

Michael Jolley has been in charge for seven games. He took over a group of players – you couldn't have called them a team – who appeared disillusioned and lacking confidence. Most of us, and the players, I would suggest, couldn't see a way out from our predicament. Slade's building had only left us with a trapdoor and the stage looked set.

Michael Jolley has got them organised, more enthused and trying to play as a team. They are not "his" players. Unlike Slade, who was "building" and systematically getting rid of the previous team, Jolley hasn't moaned but has set about his task. All he has been able to use, apart from a couple of players out of contract, is his experience and psychology. His statements and interviews have been intelligent and measured.

So why do we have so-called fans shouting abuse at Jolley and the players? Given all we're riding on at the moment is a fragile confidence instilled by the new man, what are you hoping to achieve? Have you not been to enough matches this season to see the difference? We all have our chunters, express our frustration and comment to those around us – but do you really think that shouting abuse is going to help the team's confidence?

If you had offered me our current position six weeks ago I would have taken it, not least to have a team that didn't give up in the Chesterfield and Barnet games and got points from each one. Yes, I would have liked us to win everything but we all know that was never going to happen.

We have tough fixtures coming up and I'm wondering if these people shouting abuse are secret Lincoln fans who want to see us go down? I want to ask them, do you not have enough gumption to understand that these are the players Jolley has to work with and your abuse really won't help? If you can't keep it buttoned, then don't come! You're probably on a freebie anyway.

Same for the moaners on Humberside after the match. You may not like the substitutions – but this isn't FIFA. You are not the manager, you don't see the players day in day out in training, you don't know who is the fittest, who is impressing most in training, who can keep focused for 90 minutes. Yes, there are times I question decisions by a manager, but remember Jolley's options are limited and this applies to the next three games. He has done as much as we could have realistically hoped.

While I'm on a rant, let's consider those who won't go to a match because Fenty is in charge or because Town are so poor. Please be honest with yourself and don't use Fenty as a convenient excuse not to go. Would we really see more of you if Fenty was gone? Believe me when I say I am completely frustrated with the current regime and want nothing more than him and his toadies gone. As an exile who has kept a season ticket, footy wipes out most of a Saturday, and I could easily choose not to go. But Fenty is not going to put me off supporting my club. It was mine long before it was his!

Staying in the Football League matters – the alternative is just too painful. Get behind the team. They need you. And we're all Town aren't we?