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12 July 2018

Wicklow Diary writes: The recent dry spell has revealed evidence of the previous uses of land across the country. Are there frustrated home owners on Welholme Road and the old Clee Park site in Cleethorpes cursing the emergence of ghostly patterns in their lush green lawns? The warm weather stirs childhood memories of endless summer days, larking about in dusty fields and streets. More butterflies, more bees and, if we go back a few years further, a Grimsby Evening Telegraph with a broader view on the world.

Let's take a look at that world as seen from Grimsby in August 1965. 'PEACE MOVES IN VIETNAM HINT: Nkrumah's envoy back with letter from Hanoi', informs a front page to inspire teatime debate across the town. The local news was also well represented but with the volume turned down a notch or two. Leafing through the inner pages, the anti-social behaviour of the day reveals itself to be almost social. A breach of the peace and £2 fine for offering a policeman "around the corner"? Ask questions first, punch later. You'd be happy to see your daughter bring home a young fellow with such good manners. 

What about GTFC? With the new season just days away, the sport page has the cricket scores and some kerfuffle at the nags. Town don't get a mention. Why would we? There was no football on. It's not that painting the picket fences at BP or Matt Tees growing his mighty mutton chops out another half-inch during the closed season wasn't happening: they just got the coverage they deserved. 

After last night's disappointment, the sensible thing might be to take stock and look forward. To 4 August and Forest Green. After all, international football is a nice distraction. A big game gets us giddy with excitement rather than sick-in-a-bucket three-times-on-the-way-to-the-game and once-at-half-time excited. Grimsby 'til I die. (And after that too. I mean, they aren't going to solemnly announce at my burial or cremation: "In life, he supported Grimsby Town. In eternal death, it will be *rummages in a velvet bag of balls* number 87, Armthorpe Welfare".)

No, Michael Jolley is building something special, that's the important thing, right, so let's get on with a quick news round-up? Nah, sod it. I'm off to study the cricket scores from 1965.