Match stats: Bury v Grimsby

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Saturday 8 September 2018

Division 4

Bury 4 Mayor (14, 70), Aimson (34), Collins og (63)

Grimsby Town 0

Attendance: 3677 (886 away fans)

Cod Almighty man of the match: Akheem Rose

Had a great debut in Greater Manchester, with Town's twitterati purring… in frustration. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Cod Almighty un-man of the match: Alex Whitmore

Some were so invisible that many a disenchanted ancient Mariner claimed they saw the ghost of Stuart Campbell floating in the Cemetery End, but the flagon of failure goes to the hitherto hearty hero, Alex Whitmore. A right stinker of a shocker.

Our gaffer says

The Rational One analysed the facts precisely, lamenting the continuing failure of his chosen players to do what he told them to do. He remembered to remember the pain of those who travelled long through the rain:

"I think they [the travelling Townites] are the only people that could come away with any credit."

Their gaffer says

The loquacious Lowe liked what he saw, principally that his players did what he told them to do, which was presumably "run around and shoot":

"Fair play to the lads. They've taken on board everything I've told them this week, and when you see it come off like that it's very pleasing."

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Under-powered, under-paced, under-strength and under the impression that pac-man passing and movement was all that was required. Town looked lovely between the penalty areas for all of half an hour.

When Welsh hobbled off, the heart and head disappeared and we were back to the Coventry calamity. Townites treated it as a non-contact training game, with Bury as the Harlem Globetrotters.

Can't defend, won't shoot and lost the will to live. We're back to where the St Michael of Jolley started.


The movers and Shakers scuffled around now and again and shot accurately. No more, no less, they were simply not a mess. They only had to turn up to win. They turned up.

Murphy looked a bit flappy and they did have a sloppy penchant for passing out of play or straight to Townites, so the Buryites'll get slapped and tickled by the big boys. Mayor, particularly, was persistently irritating, but a one-dimensional existential threat. Luckily for him Town had no dimensions today.

Buryites worked hard running around and showed, when not pestered, why they were given a contract to play professional football. It is unlikely that when pestered they'll pass muster.

No more than adequate mid-table scufflers with a mighty big hole in the centre.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

Dumbstruck at the dreary, weary dumbness on display.

Official warning

Mr A Backhouse (Cumberland)

No cautions, just contortions from a little man with little appetite for displeasing the home hordes. But the main story was the loathsome linesman on our left. If it wasn't for him Town would have only conceded three goals. Oh, the backstreet boy, you need a number. How about 5.776 and calling it quits?

Readers' digest

Shakers rattle and roll Town's teddy bears.

In a word: spiritless


Bury: Murphy, McFadzean, Aimson, Thompson, Stokes, Adams, O’Shea, Styles (Hulme 89), Mayor (Danns 83), Lavery (Moore 10), Dagnall

Subs not used: Hudson, Miller, Barjonas, Omotayo

Town: McKeown, Davis, Whitmore, Collins, Fox (Famewo 43) Welsh (Vernam 50) Woolford, Rose, Hessenthaler, Clifton (Hooper 74), Cook

Subs not used: Russell, Hendrie, Buckley, Robles