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11 February 2019

Trentside Diary writes: This internet/social media thingy can cause a problem or two, it's true, but it can be helpful as well. Yesterday, reading the "give Jolley a longer contract" tweets set me off in a bit of a panic, wondering for how long our manager is tied to the club. I went for a quick look at Cod Almighty to try and find out, but the contract information here only covers players. Thus distracted, though, I had to spend a few minutes enjoying the player contract page.

It really looks a lot healthier than this time last season, with 14 who will be with us next year and a couple more with options to extend. Nice. At least we can turn out a team in August without panicking.

Town fans have also been worriting about Wes Thomas. He’s out of contract in May with speculation that he might want to head down south – but where that rumour comes from, nobody was quite sure. I trust our manager to bring in the players he needs to continue what he has started.

Oh yes, back to the internet. How long is Mr Jolley’s contract? A bit of a search reminds me that he was announced as the new manager on 2 March last year on an “undisclosed rolling contract”. What on Earth does that mean? I can’t for a minute think it would be more than six months or, at a push, a year rolling.

This kind of short-term thinking has cost us dear in the past. If we believe Jolley is going to take us places and we want to hang on to him, then the club has to put its hand in its pockets and give him a bit more security. Mr Jolley seems a very honourable man but other clubs will have seen our footballing displays recently and will be circling soon. We need to get him committed to a longer contract.

Keeping up with football news on Saturday, there were many comments about a couple of idiots making plane gestures in the Southampton end on Saturday. I can understand that Southampton quickly confirmed that they were going to ban them. A death of someone so young is desperately sad and these were grown men, who should be more respectful. But arresting them? Am I so out of touch to think that the police speaking to them was ridiculous?

Dealing with football fans is so inconsistent. How many West Ham and Chelsea fans do they arrest for making hissing noises at Spurs? It’s totally unacceptable and is occasionally reported in the media – but there isn’t this level of social media hysteria, and the police rarely take action even though it's racially motivated.

Town fans have songs about "Yorkies", which have just about disappeared, but for once this is probably a good news story. The chants have died out because most of us think they’re objectionable. It’s a shame a few of the others in the Southampton stands didn’t just tell their fellow fans to stop being idiots instead of laughing or ignoring them, as it appeared in the film clips.