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Learning to walk

13 March 2019

Thunderdiary writes: So the last scheduled Tuesday night game ends in a defeat which, on paper, looks heavy and one-sided. A bit like the reverse fixture, when Tranmere didn’t play too badly but lost by three goals.

After a few games where the 3-5-2 system seemed to be paying off because Town STILL PLAYED IT ON THE FLOOR, the past few outings have seen the return of the pumped pass into the channels, chasing for scraps and – ultimately – hoping for the best. At Prenton Park last night Town upped their game compared to those recent offerings, but were undone by a combination of poor defending and profligate attacking.

This win some/lose some season is all a bit confusing. Months of wins followed literally by months of defeats. Usually with the same team, or at least the same squad.

This is a shame, because there is no doubt that there are the makings of a team and a system that can achieve things. Youth, settled players, long-term goals are all on our side. I suppose it's going to take a little bit of time to click smoothly and consistently, which is frustrating. A bit like when your child starts to walk for the first time and sometimes does really well, but then will sometimes fall on their arse. Thing is, they end up walking in the end.