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I mentioned the Grand Slam once but I think I got away with it

19 March 2019

What have we?

Harry Clifton is on his way to south Wales for a training camp with Wales under-21s. He has promised to keep his feet on the ground, so is unlikely to impress with his heading ability, but then the whole squad should have sore heads after Wales's Grand Slam. There are times when being professional is definitely over-rated.

Luke Hendrie is saying the stuff you'd expect a player at a mid-table team to be saying in March. With an established manager and a relatively small number of players coming to the end of their contracts, we can look forward to the quietest end of season in decades.

Perhaps Michael Jolley will decide to liven things up by picking a team to play 2-3-5 and telling his players anything less than three goals a game is unacceptable. Or perhaps not. One inevitably hopes we might see a bit more of Harry Cardwell, Ahkeem Rose, Matty Pollock and perhaps even Max Wright.

Talking of helping young people develop, Middle-Aged Diary enjoyed coming upon this tweet about the Town player turned maths teacher Alan Woodward. The thread inevitably goes on to namecheck Mike Brolly, proving that the career path for the ex-player is a little more varied than opening a sports shop or running a pub.

Can we get a Town teachers XI? Joe Cooper combined teaching with playing for Grimsby in the first division. There must be more out there? Over to you...