Match stats: Grimsby v Crewe Alexandra

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Saturday 4 May 2019

Division 4

Grimsby Town 2 Davis (26), Grayson (34)

Crewe Alexandra 0

Attendance: 4248 (329 away fans)

Sponsors' man of the match: James McKeown

The corporate flossers bared their teeth to smile with James the First of Grimsby (and James the Second of San Marino).

Cod Almighty man of the match: James McKeown

Splendid saves, splendid chap: James McKeown

Our gaffer says

Our angel-faced analyst was looking forward to a summer of spreadsheet fun, but took time to dampen down the delirium by understating the Maccanificence.

"I'm not sure James (McKeown) kept us in it, but he certainly made some good saves."

Yeah, right.

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Their gaffer says

Dingbats Dave was not happy as his team were torn and frayed, but was at least succinctly clichéd after his exile int' Main Stand:

"It was a game of two halves. We were shocking first half. We didn't run around enough…"

Underneath it all he was really thinking his lads were so side 3, track 2.

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Max Wright adds oomph. His first thought and movement is simply to turn and run straight at the opposition. It means the dynamics change, opponents can't shuffle and scuffle into "shape". A couple more with his attitude and Town will be perfectly adequate.

Burrell looked stronger, wiser and much more effective this week. Let's hope that the only way is up on his learning curve.

Everyone else!

Yeah, well, nothing new. We know what they can do and what they can't. We end no stronger than we started. We are what we are.


Crewe is as Crewe was. But with a little more cynical steel than usual.

These redsters took the trouble to do a little homework, so kicked the only home thing that moves. They were also typically Crewian in their attacking play, sweeping through and aside the unwary. And then promptly shot straight at Jamie Mack.

They are not strong enough to go up, but way too competent to be flirting with the dregs and droogs. Their defence is very holey though.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

Sated by the Wright stuff.

Official warning

Mr C Hicks

What was this creature before our eyes? Was it good? Was it evil?

Sir, you erred at some point. And didn't at others. He started the game, he ended the season. No frills, no thrills, no spills on the way from the champagne bar afterwards.

Oh, oh woah, no doubt about it. A perfectly acceptable teatime trot to 7.765.

Readers' digest

Four maccanificent saves and some musical youth.

In a word: finally


Town: McKeown, Hall-Johnson, Davis, Whitmore, Grayson, Hendrie, Hessenthaler, Clifton (Woolford 66), Vernam (Burrell 77), Cardwell and Wright (Collins 86)

Subs not used: Russell, Ring, Pollock, Curran

Booked: Wright

Crewe Alexandra: Jaaskelainen, Ng, Sass-Davies, Nolan, Pickering (Taylor-Sinclair 54), Wintle, Lowery, Green, Reilly (Bowery 54), Ainley (Dale 66), Kirk

Subs not used: Garratt, Hunt, Finney, Jones

Booked: Ng, Sass-Davies