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Green, black, white, blue, pink

12 June 2019

So the new kits have been officially revealed after all the carry-on over the weekend. Thunderdiary likes the away, feels the third kit is too much in style like last year's purple effort, and will reserve judgement on the home top.

Don't get me wrong: it's smart, it looks different and the three fish detail is a class touch. There's not enough red in it – a little bit under a so-so collar and some trim on the sleeves, but I need to see it in full, with shorts and socks. Plus I need to see the back – is it all black? Can you see some stripes?

The bigger question is, of course, who the fuck is going to be wearing it on the newly flattened BP turf come August?

Well, Matt Green is one and I think this is a class signing. He's scored goals consistently over the years and always was a thorn in Town's side. His scoring record is fascinating: Green seems to score his goals in 'bunches', a little like Neil Woods used to do.

Indeed, Green seems to be a quick starter, having scored three in the first four games in 2012, three in the first six in 2015 and in three consecutive games at the start of last year. Indeed, his scoring spree ended at Town, where he came on as a sub and I'm sure had a goal-bound effort blocked towards the end.

The signing is a rare example of our geographical isolation working for us and I'm looking forward to seeing him link up with Elliott Whitehouse. Who else will be lining up with him remains to be seen but I was heartened to hear Green say that Jolley told him that Town are "going for it this season" and that the potential signings will definitely add to the squad.

Let's hope that last season was Jolley's year of discovery, of self-revelation. That he learned the lessons of Wes and Welsh and knows exactly the players and characters needed to have that go.

What I do know is that those new-look stripes will be worn with pride in the stands, with hope for the same on that pitch.