Football, friendship and fish and chips

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25 July 2019

John England's memoir of his late, great friend Bill Dorricott struck a chord with many of you. Here are some of your responses

I do not expect to read anything as moving as this for some time. Thank you, John. Thank you CA.
Gordon Wilson

That's why so many read CA: because they understand what supporting your club means. Roll on the new season so we can all share the moments and make more memories. A minute's applause the first home game makes sense.
David Burton

This is so touching. At the end of the day football is all about love & friendships in whatever way it comes along.
Jim Barwick (a thought echoed by George Young)

I never really understand it when people suggest that supporting a football team is all about tribalism and shouting. It's about identity and memories, meet-ups and attachments, pubs, quirky stories, long journeys, serendipity and laughs. And chips, obviously.
Pete Green

RIP Bill. A Town fan should be ok up there. I bet there’s a bloody long queue to chat to Tweedy, Bestall, Betmead, Glover and the like. UTM
Bruce Fenwick

Finally, an email from John's great friend and cousin...

From Cleethorpes myself, I was lucky enough to play for Grimsby Boys in 1974-1976 and will never forget the thrill of running out onto Blundell Park to play Lincoln boys. Following this I was sent all over the place to attend boarding schools and ended up in London and then Cairns, Australia where I am ashamed to admit my support for the Mariners, while always in the back of my mind took a bit of a back seat.

I can say with all honesty, however, that whenever asked which English team I supported I always replied "Grimsby Town". As John says you can't take the Mariner out of a local-born and I am pleased to say that I have now joined forces with John and have thrown my full support behind the Mariners, getting up on Sunday mornings in Cairns to check the results and swap messages of hope (and sometimes of dismay) with John.

I also shared some magical times with John and Bill, slurping that nectar they call Tetley and savouring the delights of haddock and chips drowned in white vinegar as the icy north sea wind rattled through your bones. I'm always asked here in Australia what division Grimsby are in. My stock reply is "Well, we very nearly got promoted to the English Premier League not so long ago and I'm sure we'll be there soon..."

RIP Bill and up the Mariners!
William Emmitt

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