Match stats: Grimsby v Bradford City

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Saturday 10 August 2019

Division 4

Grimsby Town 1 Hanson (66)

Bradford City 1 Vaughan (53)

Attendance: 6882 (1783 away fans)

Sponsors' man of the match: Elliot Hewitt

The corporate canapé crunchers caught sight of Hewitt’s huge hurls and fell in love with his rampaging runs down the right.

Cod Almighty man of the match: Harry Clifton

He scurried and scarried and nearly scored with the lob of the century. Irrepressible.

Our gaffer says

This week's bland reportage included this chicken mcnugget:

"It's always a disappointment when you concede, but I thought it was a great reaction from us. It was a really positive response, and we got ourselves back into the game."

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Their gaffer says

The slightly snippy shell suit was saddened by the wind but gladdened by his team standing up to big brutish Town. Welcome to our world:

"You saw the way they wanted to play. The ball goes out of play and it gets thrown in your box, free kicks get put in there and we had to deal with it... They aren't going to allow us to play how we want and we've got to come up with solutions."

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Strong and organised.

Never mind the quality, feel the average width of Town's shorts.

We're bigger and better at basementballing than the lame and limp lettuces of last year. Hanson has heft, Hewitt has a huge hurl, Green has gumption and Moses is Tombola mk2. He doesn't know what he's going to do, but he does do it.

Moses Ogbu: interesting; very interesting. Just look at his pace, just look at his pace.

Apart from wobbly Öhman, nobody caused palpitations. They all just looked solidly adequate. They ran around, they stood mostly in the right places, got in the way when they needed to and generally looked perfectly all right.

We're a big team and we look in shape to avoid too many traumas. Mid-mid table is tantalisingly possible.


Fast, strong and not quite organised. When they do get to know each other they should be ashamed of themselves if they avoid promotion.

Everton-Richards is their massif central, perfectly placing himself to sweep up in front and behind their old Big Jim. Not many will be able to scale his height or skirt around the valleys below. O'Donnell shot-stopped spectacularly and when they did remember to pass and move they were slick and quick.

Individually and collectively they have the pace, the power, the size and the skills. They look the part, but have they the heart?

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

Everybody's laughing, everybody's happy.

Official warning

Mr B Toner (Lancs)

Did he turn the wrong way at Newark? With a haircut more suited to a camp guard at a WWII weekend in Woodhall Spa, cartridge man was an unwilling booker. Soft on crime, soft on the causes of crime, which was lucky for Ludvig. He didn't cause us too much sorrow or pain.

Can't complain, won't complain: 7.001

Readers' digest

Two strong teams in a strong wind.

In a word: heft


Town: McKeown, Hendrie, Öhman (Pollock 79), Davis, Hewitt, Clifton, Hessenthaler, Whitehouse, Green, Hanson, Rose (Ogbu 22)

Subs not used: Russell, Ring, Cook, Vernam, Wright

Booked: Öhman, Clifton

Bradford City: O'Donnell, Mellor, O’Connor, Everton-Richards, Henley, Anderson (Devine 70), Palmer, Gibson, Doyle (Scanell 62), Vaughan, Donaldson

Subs not used: Hornby, French, Longridge, O'Connor

Booked: Anderson