Match stats: Grimsby v Cheltenham Town

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Tuesday 26 November 2019

Division 4

Grimsby Town 0

Cheltenham Town 0

Attendance: 2508 (62 away fans)

Sponsors' man of the match: Jake Hessenthaler

I suppose the sponsors just wanted to meet the Hess before he goes. You can't blame them for that.

Cod Almighty man of the match: Harry Clifton

Little Harry was back in perpetual motion mode, and Town were all the better for it. He stopped a lot of things before they didn't happen.

Our gaffer says

The Aussie Mourinho hasn't let on whether he sleeps in his Town pyjamas, but is at least speaking words worth listening to:

"The boys gave everything – it was 100 per cent commitment from every single player, and everyone came on and had an impact, so I've got to be pleased with the performance. But unfortunately I think we should be sitting here after the game with three points."

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Their gaffer says

The Disciple of Dyche slightly over-egged his post-match custard tart after an honest assessment of the first half. Well, after all that's said and done banana skins will happen:

"What I've said to the lads is if you play like you did for the last half an hour, move them around like we did …because they were hanging on at the end. They were all over the place a little bit."

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In a week under Aussie Anth, Town have gone from not creating any chances, to missing chances, to the opposition keeper saving the chances created. Offensively Town are starting to emerge from hibernation. There's a plan, a method and the players did what they were told, just about.

But the defensive wibbles remain. There be great big sink holes appearing whenever opponents break and crosses rarely get blocked. Clifton just about plugged the breaches in the sea wall, but goldfish shoals still nibbled at Jamie Mack's toes.

We've got to admit it's getting better all the time but, then again, it couldn't get much worse.


Perfectly competent all round. Nothing scary, nothing hairy, nothing to get hung about. No outstanding players just a simple, compact construction that is designed to withstand the largest earth tremors yet recorded in the fourth division.

Standard upper mid-table play-off wannabes with a lightness of touch upfront being their ultimate downfall.

They'll stay upright, they'll be all right if they keep it tight.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

Give us something to stop grumbling about and we'll stop grumbling. Mustn't grumble.

Official warning

Mr C Pollard

A pernickety chap who was very precise in selecting exactly the wrong moment to stop play after allowing advantage – being the exact nanosecond the wronged team got the ball back and were about to attack. At least he annoyed everyone in avoiding career-defining decisions. Just normal, just average, just 6.00001.

Readers' digest

The flipping fingers of Flinders sure play a mean pinball.

In a word: stirrings


Town: McKeown, Hewitt, Waterfall, Davis, Gibson, Whitehouse (Robson 75), Clifton, Hessenthaler, Green, Hanson (Ogbu 61), Rose (Cardwell 86)

Subs not used: Russell, Öhman, Pollock, Starbuck

Booked: Davis, Whitehouse

Cheltenham Town: Flinders, Tozer, Boyle, Greaves, Thomas, Doyle-Hayes, Clements (Long 45), Broom, Hussey, Reid (Sheaf 86), Reilly (Addai 56)

Subs not used: Lloyd, Lovett, Ince, Smith

Rearranged from 26 October 2019 (waterlogged pitch.)