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Kicking our heels

2 December 2019

Trentside Diary writes: Another weekend, another heel-kicking Saturday afternoon with no Town game and a Sunday with no Women’s match either. So, what’s our excitement? We’ve speculated about the manager and there’s nothing much else to say about that.

Apparently, derby tickets are on sale from today. What derby I hear you ask? Well with a bumper crowd on the cards, anticipation is growing for the Scunthorpe game which is only three weeks away. To emphasise the point, according to the Tellywag both clubs have criteria for sales, but GTFC have a "Procedure". See! Who said we don’t know what we're doing? We have a procedure.

Tickets went on sale this morning to season ticket holders, those with Cheltenham stubs, and those buying Swindon tickets. Well that's not confusing is it? For a moment I thought we had the allure of an old firm game where Celtic fans could buy a season ticket that included or excluded the Rangers games. Apparently, it means that season ticket holders can buy extra tickets ahead of the hordes because we're obviously going to sell out. If ever you needed the excuse to get out of preparing for you know what, then just maybe this is it.

Middle-Aged Diary will doubt my soundness of mind, but I have to say, unlikely as it is to happen, I’m not sure about the idea of Alan Buckley having a role at Blundell Park. I admit this might just be my jaundiced view of some parts of the modern game but why would any manager want to have a Director of Football? Mentor maybe but not someone overseeing transfers, dictating style of play, who is played or tactics. That’s just dumbing down the role of a manager and we've had some that couldn’t sink much lower.

AB version three wasn't a resounding success and a return risks tarnishing his reputation. Besides which, if our beloved major shareholder had to make some kind of financial commitment, he would probably take it out of the playing budget.