Momentum, the crimes of communism, and Radio Humberside

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by Janusz Przeniczny

15 December 2019

In the first of two contrasting responses to our post-election diary, Janusz Przeniczny lays the blame at the doors of Jeremy Corbyn, and Radio Humberside

So West Yorkshire Diary on Friday wrote a well-written piece, linking Grimsby Town and the Conservative government, covered maybe in Momentum Bile. I cannot leave it this way.

When a nice but naive person - Mrs May - tried to do the right thing and get Brexit sorted she was thwarted by Parliament, aided and abetted by the left (and some on the right) so she ended up running around in circles. I’m sure the left found it hilarious, but it did not help the UK in the slightest. Boris Johnson won the election, not because he was a "nice" person, it's just we need a "bar-steward" to get the job finished.

Yes the list of Boris misdeeds - marital, misogynistic, ... - is probably true, but does that trump Jeremy's misdeeds I wonder? All that support for the murderous IRA, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, the Gaddafi regime, Colombian M19, ISIS... Also his anti-Semitism, or worst still, his attachment to all things communist.

The Black Book on Nazi crimes puts their death toll at 27 million. Applying the same criteria, the Black Book of Communism puts their death toll at 94 million and still counting. Even Diane Abbott could work out that 94 is larger than 27. And yet this leftist two-speed approach to morality makes wearing a swastika criminal, but a red star or hammer and sickle is cool.

Labour lost because it didn’t listen to its core voters. I always remember Gillian Duffy called a bigot by Gordon Brown for asking a simple question in Rochdale, and that has been the pattern since. Then it got worse. Momentum worse. Why invent a new party when you can take over an up-and-running gullible party, with millions of voters! But Momentum never cared about peoples dreams, issues, problems. It was a means to an end: the glorious revolution. People are cannon fodder on the road to true Socialism.

The demise of Michael Jolley was more jump than push. The balcony door was opened by Fenty, but Jolley decided to walk through it and jump over the barriers

So the cannon fodder voted for Boris - the best of a bad bunch - not that they "loved" him, but that they thought that crumbs from an overstocked millionaires table are better than no crumbs at all from a socialist-trashed economy. Has it ever crossed your mind why eastern Europeans have ditched their socialist paradises, with long food queues, non-existent health service, and lying slogans of "more tractors and potatoes this year comrades"? They had to endure brutality and murder to keep them on the socialist straight and narrow, so leapt and joined the capitalist system as soon as they could. They are doing much better for it.

Lets take the current crisis in Venezuela which had been a democratic country by South American standards but now is in socialist, Corbyn-admired, quicksand with inflation topping 53 million per cent. You just can't make it up: took a lot of doing to trash an economy with the largest reserves of oil in the world, but socialists managed it. Corbyn, backed by Momentum, wants you to join them in that mire! Madness, sheer madness. That's why Labour lost.

So onto footie then.

I always thought or felt that the demise of Michael Jolley was more jump than push. Sure, the balcony door was opened by John Fenty, but Jolley decided to walk through it and jump over the barriers.

But why, is the question.

Well, for Radio Humberside to absolve themselves, in an "It wasn’t me gov, there were 10 of us in the room at that time" tweet is all very well, but not a completely satisfying answer. To be fair, the recording quality was so rubbish, one hopes it’s not an RH recording for professional reasons. So was it a RH worker, or a GTFC person?

Poke Poke Poke

But what prompted the tirade of awful language aimed at the two reporters? Well, my view is that if you poke a dog enough times, even with a blunt stick, they will bite you eventually. I suppose a manager is obliged to give interviews straight after a 4-0 drubbing when in actuality he just wants to cry in a quiet room. He can't in public belittle any players, as he needs them for next weeks match. But the reporters are relentless in their Poke Poke Poke until something had to give. Well it did. Thanks a lot, Radio Humberside for interfering in Grimsby Town, and now we are rudderless.

To cap that they ask Alan Buckley if he would like a (non-existent) director of football type of job. A position he would have been dead set against when he was a manager. That’s really helpful, and must be unsettling, for the interim manager to have to listen to. Run a team by committee? Great: any more good ideas RH?

If only RH investigated local politics in the same Poke Poke Poke manner, or the demise of a smashing little club - North Ferriby United AFC - but then it’s much easier to Poke Poke Poke a manager to oblivion. Shame on you.

Love your pre-match build-ups. Hate your interference.