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The Ollie fervourmobile rolls on

13 January 2020

Billy Clarke celebrated his signing with a splash and the Ollie fervourmobile rolls on. There's a massive amount of positivity around the club at the moment, and anyone suggesting any kind of caution gets short shrift on social media.

It's a shame some Town fans can't be a little more tolerant of each other. These aren't people who are slagging off our own players or suggesting that any positivity is all rubbish. They are just wondering if it all can be sustained without significant change at the club. Our purse strings are tight but you would hope our new manager can make the most of what he is given. Ollie has lifted spirits and has revitalised some of the fanbase. Let's enjoy that. Hopefully the significantly improved profile of the club will lead to a takeover. I can hope and the message to Town fans? "Play nice".

Lenell John-Lewis, AKA The Shop, is likely to be leaving Shrewsbury as a free agent this month. Supposedly Hursty wants him at Scunthorpe which is an interesting move as he moved him on while he was with us, but then signed him at Shrewsbury.

We could really do without another player who could score against us. Whenever the team sheet comes out, we check to see which former Town players are on there: the curse of the former player. The problem with the last few years is it has been such a merry-go-round at Town that there must be dozens of players out there who were once with us. I still haven't gotten over Hursty breaking up the class of 2016 to bring in players who "could compete in the fourth division". Having been here again for a few seasons, there's little difference from non-league. It's just not easy to get out of.

There have been calls to get season tickets on sale early this year. Personally, I do think this is a bit too early, even if many are on an Ollie roll. I'm not sure most of us could shell out £300+ at the moment. Personally I'm counting the days left till next payday and I don’t go mad at Christmas.

However, I do think that if the current enthusiasm continues, for once it would be good if the club put them on sale before the end of the season. We’ve failed to capitalise on positives previously, and those who don't want to renew early don't have to, but it might get a few more to commit to a season ticket, and that gives the manager cash for his squad.

UTM. Fenty Out.