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6 March 2020

The question no-one is asking is: with this bog roll shortage, what are we supposed to lob on the pitch? Answers to the usual address...

Brief but enjoyable results

Thanks for printing my letter so soon. Unfortunately the diaries of 13 year-old me were extremely brief, results and scorers only. But I do like Spurs 1 Town 2!

from Antony Chapman (28th January)

Ian Hollow, eh

Ian Holloway has obviously provided a boost to fortunes both on and off the pitch, but I am sceptical about a) his staying power, b) his medium to long term effectiveness tactically, and c) his wider intelligence. His espousal of Brexit and his reported belief that coming out of the EU will have an impact on football’s internal regulations doesn’t reveal much of c) above, nor his crass reference to the ghastly Farage whose presence at BP pissed off so many people.

I suspect Holloway and Farage are stable mates in many respects. Holloway’s financial interest in the club would make for a messy and lengthy divorce when things go tits up.

Hey ho. UTM nevertheless.

from Malcolm Carson (3rd February)

Letters Ed responds: I've not really warmed to him at all, but I can't tell if there's something about him I don't like or its just that I feel completely jaded about the club.

You can't beat the bookies

Reading the Diary of 21st February. Paragraph 4 - betting odds... good value mentioned. Last night I watched Lloyd Griffith in BBC TV's 'Can you beat the bookies?'. Have a watch. I think the conclusion is: MUGS BET.

See ya

from Ian Jackson (21st February)

Letters Ed responds: Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but you're not wrong: foresight should have spotted it first!

Lee Mullen missed out entirely

Brilliant summary although it misses one or two minor points:

The 'PR on the pitch' fiasco

The Mariners Trust regularly offering marketing assistance/feedback, only for such assistance to be regularly laughed off.

Lee Mullen missed out entirely.


from Dan Humphrey (2nd March)

Letters Ed responds: I think 'Lee Mullen missed out entirely' should be the title of a book documenting the fortunes of the club in the 21st century.

No reffing consistency

We all know that referees are something of an unpredictable bunch. One referee's timewasting, is another referee's "game management." We have to accept that we have, and always have had inconsistency from one ref to another.

But I offer you this. Saturday's referee, Mr Oldham, didn't see much to complain about, never mind book, in Northampton's timewasting which started a few seconds into the game, and continued to the 93rd minute, including wasting time coming out for the second half.

All well and good so far and as expected.

Yet this was the same referee who sent off Waterfall, and booked Macca at Mansfield... and you don't need me to tell you that the booking for Macca was for... timewasting!

Inconsistency from one match to another?

from John Kirk (2nd March)

The Lancashire game

I also recall attending the Burnden Park game; the main memory being the introduction of Neil Webb as a sub. Webb came on, I pointed him out to my dad as a great passer of the ball - he promptly passed to a Bolton player for another goal to them. It was their McGinlay/Blake/Lee/Thompson era; they absolutely destroyed us. We wore that blue away kit with diamonds. Did Livvo play centre back?

from Dan Humphrey (4th March)

Letters Ed responds: "The Burnden Park game", like the Scottish play, we must never mention it directly by name. I was at the match too, but all I remember - which was obviously a highlight - was being stuck in the car park for an hour after the game.

Getting the footy out of the way early

Good article. On a personal level myself and my mates really like the one o'clock kick-offs, be it home or away.

I totally understand why they are scheduled for this time, however we are of an age were trouble is the last thing on our minds, with a good few beers and chat to the locals being as enjoyable as seeing the match. The one o'clock timing gives us more time after the games to do this, especially away.

Since the play-off win in 2016, as well as the one-day trips, there are usually around 6-8 of us who utilise the whole weekend for away games by going on the Friday and returning on the Sunday.

We usually manage this 6-7 times a season and we absolutely love mixing with the locals as well as other like-minded Mariners before and after games and have not had one bit of bother since we started doing this. We are always being welcomed back to every hostelry we have frequented (might be in part to the amount of money we spend on ale!).

Both the Bradford games were a prime example in regards of mixing with the opposing set of fans, as around 150 descended on my local for the home game as they wanted a beer or six before kick-off without being herded around Cleethorpes. We had a great chat and laugh and they couldn’t understand why we had an early kick-off when there was no real history of trouble between us.

We reciprocated for the away game by staying down the road from the ground in Shipley and again had a great time before and especially after the game when we spent the whole evening in one pub with a load of Bradford fans. Town won the pool match against the Bantams 3-2 and we discovered that most who we were yapping to had been in my local at the start of the season.

To me this is what football is all about, sharing experiences with other fans, having a laugh and a good few beers. So as far as we are concerned (selfish I know) all games can kick-off at one o’clock.

from Paul Tuplin (6th March)

Letters Ed responds: Nice counter argument, Paul. Football was always a background event to me. Something that's going on while you're catching up with friends and having a few drinks. And I always loved a natter with a proper opposition fan - one where you can both openly admit your own team is shit without the need for "bantz".

I'd argue against early kick-offs just on the basis that it means getting out of bed earlier, but then I'm a lazy bugger. But really I'm not vexed by them, not when compared to the absolute bastard that is a Friday evening match.

Favourite hat-tricks

Favourite hat-tricks?

Mendonca vs Ipswich. One of those is the archetypal Buckley-ball goal; the one with the Woods flick/backheel, even though I suspect Laws was in charge by then.


Jevons vs Barnsley. Simply because it took place on my birthday plus if I remember rightly had an odd Isaiah Rankin baiting his own fans moment? Plus Gally and/or Boulding involved for extra spice?

from Dan Humphrey

Music to run out to

Hi guys,

Not directly related to the fanzine this, but wondering if any of you who are interested in the club's musical history might be able to help me.

I'm part of a team at the University of Sheffield, led by Dr Chris Stride. We've published a number of academic papers and magazine articles relating to football history, on subjects such as statues and replica shirts (see, for example, and Shirt tales: how adults adopted the replica kit.

Our current project is investigating the music that football teams have run or walked out of the tunnel to over the years.

We are looking for the music that Grimsby have run out to, for as many seasons in the past as you can recall. We are simply interested in the title of the song, the artist who recorded it, and for which seasons
Grimsby ran out to this. Any help you can give us to piece together the different songs that your club has run out to would be hugely appreciated.

If you have any personal anecdotes around the reasons for the songs being used, or the changes between them, that would also be fantastic.

I should also add that we are not interested in goal music, or a song that is played at the final whistle, but just the song that is on the tannoy system as the players enter the field.

If you think someone else may be able to help, or you have any questions, please let us know! We would be very happy to discuss the project.


from Joe Headland

Letters Ed responds: If you can help Joe, get in touch with us and we'll put you in touch.

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