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25 March 2020

Well, what are you going to do to fill up the next six months of hermitting? You can't go to the tip every day.

Rejoice! It's your very Civil Servant Deviant Diary here, pondering his earthly role as a Public Interest Protector Person and wondering why we're piddling with "business as usual" in this here un-key worker zone? I'm presently, officially, socially useless and professionally pointless.

Still, there's always an upside to any crisis as it gives more time and space to ruminate on the great work Town do for the town. Gotta be fair, gotta be positive.
There's not enough space to list all the community work organised by GTFC during This Great Unpleasantness, but we just have to start with their… what?

Ben Davies doing something on his own initiative and a clearance sale in the shop don't add up to a club contribution to the hard-pressed communities of the local left behinds. Perhaps the world looks different behind those gated houses down Humberston Avenue and through the windows of the Jags and Mercs as they glide past the crumbling red walls?

Even Stevenage got their social conscience act in gear.

Despite our unexpected turn down the Olly Way, corporate Town still manage to land on the wrong side of good and evil. "We" even took on Motherwell in the e-boycott cup last night; a victory that is alleged to have included a triple Parslow Point.

But it's all going to be all right in the end. After all, Lincolnshire likes to keep at least two years apart from the rest of the country so the official guidance - that we should follow Luke Waterfall's career path and stand two metres away from the nearest humanoid - should be a doddle.

And if it's not all right, then it's not the end. There's always another season. There will be another season, one day.

Hey, one more thing before you go: let's be careful out there.