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Don't get fooled again

29 June 2020

Trentside Diary writes: I’m with Casual Diary. I fully appreciate that the focus at the moment is ensuring there's enough money to be solvent until next time we can all pile into Blundell Park, but successful organisations don't just focus on the now: they keep an eye on future opportunities. Let's not miss out.

I have respect for all those fans buying shares but without a seat, or several seats, on the board we won't be able to influence much. Who can forget Mike Parkers attempt to bring about change at the club (2009 – 2011). He resigned in apparent frustration and here are a few snippets from his statement:

"There is not the appetite for change at board level which I had hoped for and been led to believe existed... However, for some time I have been pressing for other changes to be made in the club's board structure and believed that these changes had been agreed, but they were voted down by a board majority at the meeting... Whilst the board has a membership of five, and decisions are taken by the board on the basis of 'one man one vote', rather than financial commitment to the club, then I believe that it will be very difficult for any meaningful changes to be implemented".

While the current chair says the club will still welcome investment, we're not an attractive proposition for serious money while a complacent mindset still exists.

Share capital nominal value in our last published accounts was £2.277 million with John Fenty holding over 42 per cent, Mike Parker still holding over 21 per cent and the Mariners Trust owning 14 per cent. Looking at the statement of share capital from last October, Steve Marley and Phil Day had very minimal holdings and they are basically there as Fenty’s mates.

So far fans have bought shares to a value of £61,900 in the recent push to raise money and if we are smart, we should start looking for seats on the board. We were bitten by the last Crowdfunder (apparently we didn't contribute to promotion) so the sensible way forward for anyone with a bit of spare cash would be to invest in shares rather than donate their season ticket cash back.

Ian Holloway showed his commitment to the club by buying shares but for now we have no idea how many he actually bought. I can understand why people have latched on to him: we all hope he'll bring some much-needed success but the club and fans shouldn't ignore the long-term. It's about time the town of Grimsby got some genuine regeneration. It looks like it's on the horizon but it should also benefit the club. The consortium behind the Town Deal are the real deal and I don't for a minute believe the "they wouldn't show us their cash" comments of the current board.

If Ollie genuinely means what he says about being committed to the club, he would be in favour of major investment and development. It would make it easier for us to attract players and increase crowds. What is there to lose? If you would rather not even have the discussion in case it offends Ollie, never forget that the average tenure of a fourth division manager is less than two years. Let's not miss out on a bright future.