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15 October 2020

Trentside Diary writes: Project Big Picture has stumbled and the Big Six won’t get more power to dictate how their league is run, for the time being at least. I do wonder why Liverpool and Manchester United thought the other clubs might back their proposals. Surely for any team that isn't entrenched in the top flight, reducing the number of clubs would just make it harder for them to hang on to a place. I wonder if they will announce another plan that doesn’t seem quite so bad at some point in the near future and this was all just a distraction?

At least the elite has agreed a £50 million rescue package for the third and fourth flights. What worries me is it will be in the form of grants (good) and interest free loans (not so good). It will be interesting to see the detail. If the money is genuinely needed to stop our club going out of business then obviously we should take the cash but the suggestion of more benign loans really doesn't sit well with me; the one's we have are always hanging over us. I hope we won't need more.

Town yesterday announced that the two fixtures against Colchester this season have both been pushed back to 5:30pm kick-offs on the Saturday afternoons. It seems a really sensible decision for both clubs as it will save them having to stay over the night before and so the cost of hotels. A long coach trip on the day isn’t ideal preparation for a game but needs must. What made my heart sink though was that clubs don’t like to move games to this time on a Saturday afternoon because it may leave travelling fans with a struggle to get home. Does the move mean that clubs aren't expecting that fans will be able to travel to away games by March next year?

That really would be frustrating. Town fans love an away day when we catch up with people we don't see at Blundell Park because they don't sit near us. When we're playing well, the anticipation of an away day can't be beaten. Let's just hope we can at least get back to Blundell Park soon. UTM!