Match stats: Grimsby v Cambridge United

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Saturday 2 January 2021

Division 4

Grimsby Town 1 Hewitt (71)

Cambridge United 2 Waterfall (og, 4), Mullin (35)

Attendance: 0 (0 away fans)

Cod Almighty man of the match: Filipe Morais

They all tried in their own way, but the Portuguese playmaker provided some pain relief and was the hub of hope for some far away happiness: Major Filipe Morais.

Our gaffer says

He knows, you know, that he's got problems but, like Hylda Baker, he's got experience:

"There's an old saying that you can put a dog on the pitch and they'll run around, but you won't do very well with a team of dogs."

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Their gaffer says

A simple man who gets his team playing simple football and simply states the facts when asked:

"In the second half they wouldn't let us get out and play the direct game that got us success in the first half."

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The first half was the Hollow Way to hell, the second half showed glimpses of the Shorty cut to improbable salvation, but it's the same players, so what did we expect?

Tilley was hooked for being a fluttering fancy with gossamer wings, but the rest did what they were told at half time, even Bennett. Town looked like they might score, create chances, this Town had a go. Well, that's something.

It was better than it has been, but in this year of the scavenger they ain't no diamond dogs.


What a cliché.

His Knibbs was a perfect foil for rumbling, grumbling Mullin; the midfield got in the way; the defence got in the way. The goalkeeper… got in the way. Their way is to get in the way, hit high, hit long and hope something turns up.

Mundanely direct, drearily diving and whining at will, this bunch of Fenland gangsters are designed for life at the bottom. Utterly and totally capable of not going down, they shouldn't go up.

They kept Us shape, that's all there was to them and was just enough to beat Project Holloway's flotsam and jetsam tied together with some practical Yorkshire string.

Official warning

Mr A Haines

Camouflaged as a Cambridge player, this variant pastel peeper's talent for sensible whistling was hidden in plain sight. For once a man in charge who was in charge and let time wasting simply be added on and on and on: 8.456


Town: Russell, Hendrie, Pollock, Waterfall, Preston, Morias, Rose, (Clifton 69), Hewitt, Tilley (Gibson h-t), Bennett (Williams 78), Green (Jackson jnr 78)

Subs not used: Battersby, Starbuck, Idehen

Cambridge United: Mitov, Knoyle, Darling (Cundy 80), Taylor, Dunk, Hannat, May, Digby, Hoolahan (Iredale 90+2), Knibbs (Ironside 75), Mullin

Subs not used: Worman, Dallas, Davies, Burton

Booked: Hannant