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They used to play in front of crowds

14 January 2021

Trentside Diary writes: Good day to you all! Is it Thursday? Must be my diary day then.

It's all a great pile of nothingness isn't it? Interspersed with moments of farce. In 50 years’ time kids of today will be telling anyone who will listen: "When I was little you didn't have crowds at football and you weren't allowed out of the house". In the same way that I'll regale my offspring about how exciting powercuts were, and a generation older will talk about rickets. It's not fun really is it? And nobody will believe them anyway. I'm sure my dad got more than a tin can and a stick for Christmas.

With the lack of excitement we're all stuck with a bit of internet surfing to see what developments there are around Town that we might have missed.

The Mariners Trust made a statement which said they have had further discussions with the consortium. I am so desperate to type "new owners" there that I tried to find out how long it usually takes to complete the Owners' and Directors Test: two to five weeks on average, so you just know that it will be at least five to keep us hanging on, don't you? There is nothing new in the statement but the consortium are talking to them which is a good sign that they want to engage with fans.

I'm still toying with whether to join the trust or not. I think I was automatically joined during the heady days of Operation Promotion but not since. I know they are improving their systems to manage membership better which is good. I've seen how hard some members worked to support the club during the start of the pandemic and people who are doing that have my respect, but I don't know what their aims are. Is there anything they are striving for? I appreciate having a voice for fans is vitally important and the current regime pays lip-service to it but I would like to know more if I was to join. Are some members of the current trust board too close to the current regime at the club?

Town put out a picture of James McKeown for "Wallpaper Wednesday" which started up the usual discussion of his abilities and whether of not he should be captain. There are quite a few fans who don't tag in players to their awful comments, which is great but then still go on to slag off the players mercilessly. It's not the first time in a diary I've said this and won't be the last: can't you keep your opinions to your private WhatsApp groups, or are you too much of a Billy-Big-Bollocks that the whole world needs to hear?

When they are wearing the shirt, they are Town players. You call out one, you call out them all. If you want to have a go, direct your anger at the current board and previous manager, and let Paul Hurst get on with trying to raise the confidence of the players he does have and hope he can bring in some wise heads to steady the ship.

Have you ever been bullied doing your job? If you haven't, use your emotional intelligence to imagine how you get to a stage where you can hardly function. You struggle to make a decision, have huge self-doubt, and you really are not going to shine. That's what some Town fans are still doing to our players - bullying them. To be honest, I imagine there will be a few players who will be traumatised by their recent spells at Town. Shit management at the club, shit atmosphere for a workplace. They can't even manage a proper risk assessment for Covid.

Could we try getting behind the team and Hursty for the rest of the season? Just a thought.

UTM! Fenty Out!