Match stats: Grimsby v Stevenage

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Saturday 30 January 2021

Division 4

Grimsby Town 1 Payne (90+3)

Stevenage 2 List (42), Stevens (90+5)

Attendance: 0 (0 away fans)

Cod Almighty man of the match: Jay Matete

Help us Jay Matete, you are our only hope. The footballing force is strong with this one.

And he's not even ours.

Our gaffer says

There will be blood:

"Not that it changes anything, but I’m certainly very keen to have a look at it and try and dissect what we should have done better, and who in particular should have done better."

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Their gaffer says

Little Alex was happy with his Droogs, skipping down the touchline, hearing angel trumpets and devils trombones:

"That's why we love football. It's an amazing game where you don't know what will happen."

Speak for yourself mate, we knew exactly what was going to happen and that's why we also hate football.

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First half not bad, second half quite bad, added time just mad, and some are now as mad as hell and won’t take it anymore.

Personal responsibility, that's what it's about. Two moments of whiffy mental slackness let the dead cat out of the bag. Don't they know the first rule of non-comedy defending? If in doubt, get it out, for indecision is fatal.

There were glimpses of football, moments of cohesion, that hint at something if not wonderful, then at least acceptable. And they all involved Matete, our beating heart transplant. But once the new town battlers got Matete stuck in the mud Town were back to The Hollow Way: just driftwood hollow and of no use.

If we were definitely down last week, we're even downer now. Emergency sticking plasters won't keep the derelict house upright. Rationally we're already in the Conference. At least it's an irrational world out there.


This bunch of dreary scrappers look less of a mess than us, with slightly more athletic footballers, slightly less ineffective striking and much less timidity.

They started to cave in when Town just lumped it into the box, with the keeper flip-flopping along the prom, but they were organised, committed and looked like a team. Not a good one, but probably not quite bad enough to end up below us and Southend.

Ambition is merely a question of perspective.

Official warning

Mr A Backhouse

I'm fed up of refs failing their basic job – to provide endless crack-papering excuses for defeat. Isn't professional adequacy dull: 7.883


Town: McKeown, Hendrie, Pollock, Waterfall, Meyanese (Spokes 80), Habergham (Preston 80), Matete, Rose, El-Miznoui, Hanson, Jackson jnr (Payne 63)

Subs not used: Russell, Hewitt, Wright, Williams

Booked: McKeown

Stevenage: Cumming, Coker (Hutton, 89), Marshall, Vancooten, Wildin, Aitchison (Martin 75), Read (Smith, 75), Vincelot, Carter, List (Newton 68), Norris (Stevens, 68)

Subs not used: Johnson, Pett

Booked: Vincelot