Match stats: Newport County v Grimsby

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Saturday 6 February 2021

Division 4

Newport County 1 Maynard (50)

Grimsby Town 0

Attendance: 0 (0 away fans)

Cod Almighty man of the match: No-one

There's no-one to complain about, there's no-one to overlaud. Eastwood looked sound, while Bunney hopped down the wing to some tantalising effect. Adams had moments of near magic. Everyone was a solid seven and a bit.

Our gaffer says

The alchemist was drily descriptive in disappointment as the tinkering resulted in some temporary twinkling:

"We're stuck in a difficult period, of course we are, but I'm trying to be sensible about it all, and I'd have to say there's a lot more positives there. That's the best we've played by some distance."

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Their gaffer says

The nabob of Newport was dead chuffed at getting away with it after sticking it in the mixer:

"With the pitch as it is… it's not going to be pretty and if we get an opportunity I want it to fall to Nicky Maynard."

Well, give Mr Podge back then if you don't need him.

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One slip and down the hole we fell.

The first half was exactly the standard required. Passing, movement, cohesion and all around adequacy. This new Town were superior, a team, a team of footballers playing with purpose, poise and to a plan.

Shame we got stuck in the mud in the second.

One goal and up the wall we will crawl. There is a glimmer of something terrible: hope.


Well, they won, so they're happy.

They know how to play on their own pudding, which is don't try and play football, just whack into the deepest puddles and hope for something at a set piece. And their wishes came true. If they are play-off contenders there's hope for us yet.

Official warning

Mr C Hicks

It's tiresome isn't it, all this adequacy. Perfectly acceptable peeping and pointing from the puce goose leave me no option but to randomly type 8.454


Newport County: Townsend, Demetriou, Dolan, Longe-King, Haynes, Gambin (Lewis 72), Sheehan, Bennett, Baker (Farquharson h-t), Maynard (Amond 72), Telford (Scrimshaw 60)

Subs not used: King, Taylor, Hartigan

Sent Off: Bennett

Town: Eastwood, Hewitt, Waterfall, Meyanese, Bunney, El-Miznoui, Clifton, Matete, Adams (Lamy 62), Hanson (John-Lewis 80), Payne

Subs not used: McKeown, Habergham, Hendrie, Pollock, Spokes

Booked: Matete